WOW: Look what happened to Hillary’s poll numbers after FBI verdict

While Hillary Clinton may have managed to escape the long arm of the law for her use of a private email account and server during her time as secretary of state, she didn’t get away totally unscathed.

It seems the American people are even less impressed with her now than they were before, after the FBI has decided not to indict her.

This has got to be painful.

CBS is reporting, [W]hile Clinton was not indicted for matters relating to her use of a private email account and server for her work as Secretary of State, she was harshly criticized by the FBI director, and her standing on some key candidate qualities has taken a bit of a hit.

Sixty-seven percent of voters now say Clinton is not honest and trustworthy, up from 62 percent last month and the highest percentage this election cycle. Only 28 percent view her as honest. Clinton’s ratings on honesty were more positive soon after she announced her presidential bid in April of last year. Also, fewer now say she is prepared for the job of president than did so last month – although half still say she is.

One has to wonder, if such a large majority feel she isn’t trustworthy, why are they going to turn around and vote for her come November?

Why would you want someone in office that you know you can’t trust? Shouldn’t we be voting for individuals who are, at a bare minimum, at least honest?

Anyway, clearly, Hillary isn’t someone who’s earned the right to be trusted by the American people, something quite obvious given her track record of unbelievable corruption.

In fact, the place she truly belongs isn’t behind the Oval Office desk, but behind bars.

Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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