TWO WEEKS before attack, French govt let radical Muslims do THIS in Nice…

France is home to a Muslim population that’s approaching 10% of its citizens — and they’re hardly as assimilated as our Muslim population here in America. According to Pew Research, 35% of all Muslims in France think that suicide bombings can be justified. That figure increases to 42% among young Muslims (age 18-29) — which is relevant, because Islam is the religion with the youngest average age of adherents, as the religion primarily has spread through reproduction.

France has been a repeat target for terrorists as of late, and to little surprise, a radical mosque sprung up in Nice just weeks before the latest attack in the same city last night. Breitbart reports:

An Islamic Mosque, funded and owned by a hardline, “fundamentalist” Saudi Arabian cleric, opened in Nice just two weeks before the Southern French city was struck by a deadly terror attack.

Town Mayor Christian Estrosi had fought a bitter legal battle with the French state in an attempt to stop it opening, claiming the owner, Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Saleh bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh “advocates Sharia law and destroyed all the churches on the Arabian Peninsula.”

Cleric Saleh bin Abdul-Aziz Al ash-Sheikh is perceived to be a strict adherent of Wahhabism – the dominant strain of Islam in Saudi Arabi and the state religion – which has been described, variously, as “ultraconservative”, “austere”, “fundamentalist” and even “extremist”.

“Our intelligence agencies are worried about this place of worship,” the mayor said, before warned about “unregulated foreign funding,” according to French news site RTL.

Mr. Estrosi, mayor since 2008, argued that the project, which was initiated under his predecessor in 2002, was unauthorised. He took central government representative Prefect Adolphe Colrat to court but did not succeed.

Mr. Colrat accused Mr. Estrosi, who is a member of France’s centre-right The Republicans Party, of “feeding populism” and scapegoating the entire Muslim community to gain votes, AFP reported.

The mosque opened at the beginning of this month, and was described as “a real joy” by Ouassini Mebarek, a lawyer and head of a local religious association.

A radical mosque opening. What a joy.

The barbarians are already inside the gates, and they’re facing accommodation, rather than opposition.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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