Terror in France, coup in Turkey as Obama celebrates THIS…

It is supposedly Barack Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement — right up there with withdrawing all U.S. military troops from Iraq. It was part of a pivot strategy away from the Middle East to the Pacific — though hard to see what impact we’re having in the Pacific either. One year ago yesterday, we entered into an agreement with Iran called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. And if you want to know how I felt about this foolish endeavor, I shared my thoughts with some 10K folks last year in New York City’s Times Square, which you can see here if you missed it:

In a Fox News oped piece, Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo states, Today marks one year since Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif agreed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).  On this date, we ought to take the opportunity not to re-litigate that “political commitment,” but evaluate whether it has helped protect the United States, our people, and our interests.  Unfortunately for our country’s future, the answer to that inquiry is a resounding no. 

The JCPOA can perhaps delay Iran’s nuclear weapons program for a few years.  Conversely, it has virtually guaranteed that Iran will have the freedom to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons at the end of the commitment.  Further, in the past year, the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched multiple ballistic missiles – testing increasingly complex and longer range missiles.  It has grown its support of terrorist groups, and it continues to take hostages.  The deal has, in fact, made our country less safe. 

Every year since 1984, the U.S. State Department has designated Iran a state sponsor of terrorism, a finding the Department renewed again last month.  Yet the Obama administration still holds out that its political commitment, drafted by a few bureaucrats committed to getting a deal at any cost, can change decades of Iran’s entrenched and militant commitment to “death to America.”  As a result of the billions of dollars flowing into Iran after the JCPOA, the Iranian regime is able to increase its support to terrorist group groups like Hezbollah.  That group’s chief said recently that “Hezbollah’s budget, its income, its expenses, everything it eats and drinks, its weapons and rockets, are from the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 

What Rep. Pompeo does not mention are the explosive force penetrators (EFPs) produced by Iran and used by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. These are lethal improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that are responsible for nearly 20% of the casualties in that combat theater of operations. Perhaps there are those of you on the left who do not care, since you feel Iraq was “Bush’s War” — well, then ISIS is Obama’s creation.

And worse, the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism has been bankrolled by the Obama administration and you can bet that the coffers of Hezbollah, Hamas, the Quds Force, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps will be overflowing. We know that Obama and Kerry have been effectively lobbying for more capital to flow into Iran’s theocratic regime along with the crony capitalism of Obama assisting Boeing in securing contracts with Iran — and the GOP is the party of big business? It was the House and Senate GOP who have made it a cause to block this cronyism and collusion with the terrorist regime that has blood of Americans on their hands since 1983.

Who can forget the images of our Sailors on their knees at gun point done so by the Iranians? And it was John Kerry who thanked them for taking care of our Sailors.

In the past year, there has been no foreseeable change in the behavior of Iran, actually, their belligerence has increased — along with a new alliance with Russia. As Rep. Pompeo points out, “While Congress still awaits answers on whether the U.S. paid $1.7 billion in taxpayer dollars to free five Americans that Iran was holding hostage, the Iranian regime continues to capture and hold new hostages, including Americans.  In March, Iran abducted a French woman.  In April, Iran apprehended a British mother.  A few weeks later, Iran arrested a Dutch broadcaster.  In June, Iranian authorities detained a female Canadian professor.  I fear what July will bring.”

Yes Congressman, many of us fear what the next 6-7 months will bring for America, and the world. In one year, the Obama administration has enabled the rise of the most savage Islamic terrorist group, while financing the exploits of the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And we’re told this is a resounding foreign policy success and we have avoided war.

Hardly. We have financed the aims of a violent theocracy. Iran must be isolated and brought to its knees as long as it has the leadership of the black-robed mystics called the Ayatollahs. We must have leadership that draws a line, and not some faux “red line.” We are not supporting the Muslim reformists because they continue to be dismissed by folks such as Obama. And as long as folks like Obama continue to obfuscate, deny, and lie about the existence of this enemy, the reformists have no backing — and they are therefore the ones isolated.

After the Islamic terrorist attacks in Nice, I suppose we will dispatch Loretta Lynch for displays of compassion, unity, and love to the enemy. God knows we have certainly provided them material support, comfort, aiding and abetting their efforts by way of billions of dollars, and our cowardice.

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