BREAKING: Turkish president Erdogan makes UNPRECEDENTED move…

With conflicting reports coming in and rampant misinformation, it’s difficult to know with 100% certainty what the latest is coming out of Turkey.

However, multiple sources are reporting that Turkish President Erdogan has landed at Istanbul’s main airport, where he was welcomed by a large crowd of civilians.

More from Fox News:

Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was greeted by large crowds at Istanbul’s main airport early Saturday, as forces loyal to him battled to fend off a military coup.

In a press conference at Ataturk Airport, Erdogan said the architects of the coup attempt would “pay a heavy price” and vowed he would “not surrender this country to intruders.”

Despite claims by multiple Turkish government officials that the takeover attempt had been repelled, reports of ongoing violence indicated that authorities did not have full control of the situation. 

As the ultimate resolution remains unclear, Erdogan’s return — historically unprecedented — is certainly not a good sign for those pushing the coup. The Daily Wire explains:

This is historically unprecedented. The Islamist strongman has effectively crushed the coup. Erdogan has done what has eluded the Shah of Iran, Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya, and Saddam of Iraq. 

This is legitimately the worst option: Erdogan, an authoritarian Islamist, will now use the coup as an opportunity to further purge the military and consolidate his strongman regime. A failed coup is often worse than no coup at all; certainly, that appears to be the case here.

Others echo those thoughts:

We will continue to monitor the situation, of course.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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