We just discovered another big fat government COVER-UP…

While we’re still coming to terms with the unbelievable decision from the FBI to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, and digest the fact that there may well have been a secret deal cut between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton during their little tarmac tête-à-tête, I’m afraid I must remind you we are regularly being fed lies and obfuscation from this administration on even the most mundane of issues.

If you recall, the May jobs numbers were abysmal — reportedly only 38,000 jobs were created. Now, as the June jobs report comes out one thing most folks didn’t realize was that the Department of Labor June jobs report had downgraded the May figure of 38,000 number to 11,000. This is a regular occurrence many fail to catch, when the previous months numbers are often revised — and mostly downward.

Now, here we go again. The June jobs report boasted of some 287,000 jobs created but that left me scratching my head. How could it be that we went from 11,000 jobs created in America in May to 287,000 one month later?

As reported by Marketwatch.com, “The economy added a whopping 287,000 jobs last month after a meager 11,000 gain in May that was the weakest since 2010. Most economists believe neither number accurately reflects the pace of job creation. What is clear is that hiring has slowed in 2016. The U.S. has added a more modest 172,000 jobs a month in the first half of this year, compared with a 229,000 average in 2015. The softer pace of hiring is evident in the private sector. The so-called hiring rate among companies slipped to 3.8 percent in May to mark the lowest level in more than two years. The rate has fallen three straight months since hitting a record 4.2 percent in February.”

Isn’t it interesting how these figures just magically appear and disappear? If we can’t even get the truth about jobs and employment, can we believe anything emanating from the White House? I know, rhetorical question.

What we need is a steady state of economic growth in America, not the mysterious pendulum swings, which after seven-and-a-half years of Obamanomics, we shouldn’t have. We’re all aware that if the 90-plus millions of Americans who’ve dropped out of the workforce were added back in, well, the unemployment rate would not be under 5 percent.

And ask yourself, if it hadn’t been for the economic growth provided by the oil and gas industry by way of hydraulic fracturing technology, where would our economy be? Well, we may soon find out if we continue to have progressive socialists in charge who seek to decimate the fossil fuel industry. This comes at a time when we should be producing, consuming, and exporting these energy resources. If we don’t do it, then watch out for Russia and Iran to step in and fill a void.

Last week Barack Obama took the stage with Hillary Clinton and ask yourself, do you really want four, or possibly eight more years of this pathetic economic performance from a nation full of immense potential? We went from $10.67 trillion in debt to what will be more than $20 trillion in debt, and what do we have to show for it? Yeah, economic stimulus of nearly $1 trillion, and we still have infrastructure issues in America.

Ok, here’s an idea which I first heard mentioned by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a debate — and no one echoed this.

What if we were to provide a tax incentive, a one-time repatriation lower tax rate of 9 percent for the trillions of dollars of capital offshore. This would inspire greater production and manufacturing and spur economic growth in America — getting Americans back to work. And we should specifically target the tax revenues generated from this repatriation for infrastructure repair in America — further growing job opportunities in America. And to follow up with this one time lower tax rate repatriation, we should have a reduced flat corporate business tax rate — instead of the world’s highest.

This all comes down to a simple choice: the policies that promote economic empowerment or the ones we’ve witnessed that grow economic enslavement.

The ball is in your court. Just look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and ask yourself, what do I want to bequeath to subsequent generations — the American dream or the socialist nightmare?


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