Obama heaps praise on man shot by police, there’s just ONE problem…

President Obama and his many liberal minions spread across the nation have desperately tried to hijack the assassination of five police officers in Dallas in order to flip all of the attention away from slain law enforcement professionals back to the racially divisive narrative we’ve come to expect him and the mainstream media to shove down our throats.

During a speech that was supposed to honor the fallen officers who died serving and protecting the very Black Lives Matter folk who hate them, Obama decided to offer up a mini eulogy for two black men killed by police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

The president said, “Even those who dislike the phrase Black Lives Matter should be able to relate to stories about Alton Sterling, who always cooked enough for everyone, or Philando Castile, a gentle soul, “Mr. Rogers with dreadlocks.”

However, there’s just one problem here.

Sterling at least was far from an upstanding citizen with a heart made of pure gold. In fact, he was a registered sex offender with a 20-year rap sheet.

And if that’s not enough to prove to you the man wasn’t exactly the jolly good fellow Obama makes him out to be, check out what was found on a surveillance video at the convenience store where the man was killed.

TheBlaze is reporting, “A search warrant for surveillance video from the store where a black Louisiana man was killed by white police officers a week ago says that officers saw “the butt of a gun” in Alton Sterling’s pocket during the arrest and that he tried “to reach for the gun from his pocket.

So a man who has a long rap sheet and was a registered sex offender reached for a gun and got shot by police. But that’s completely opposite of the liberal narrative.

What is the truth? The investigation into this tragedy will be completed in due time and if the police acted wrongly, they must be duly punished.

Tragically, in Dallas, Micah Johnson made himself judge, jury and executioner, and sadly, executed five police officers who had absolutely nothing to do with Sterling’s death.

Yet, Obama conflated the two events, further inflaming the racial tensions he has so carefully stoked during his presidency.

If there’s any hope for America unifying, we need new leadership in the White House who will drop this narrative like a bad habit and allow our country to have an opportunity to heal from the destruction caused by its current occupant.


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