SICKENING report shows 80% of Clinton Foundation funds going to….

As sad as it is, charity scams are all too common.

You can judge a charity by how efficient it is in turning the money raised into aid towards the group or cause it aims to help. Some nationally known charities fail miserably on this regard. The Cancer Fund of America for instance raised $86.8 million from its donors – and had to pay $75.4 million to actually raise those funds. In all, just one percent of the money raised actually goes towards the intended purpose. You can see a list of America’s worst charities here to see if any you know are on the list.

By comparison, a charity like the American Red Cross uses 92 percent of the revenues raised to actually benefit the community in the way they intend. Doctors Without Borders gives about ninety cents on the dollar. Obviously every charity has administrative costs, and can’t give 100 percent as they’d like to.

So that brings us to one of the biggest charity scams belonging to someone who’s no stranger to scandal: Hillary Clinton.

As Breitbart reports, the Clinton Foundation’s Canadian affiliate would deserve to be right there on the list of America’s worst charities, had the affiliate been American.

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) spent nearly 8 dollars for every 10 that it raised on salaries, office supplies, expenses, salaries and consulting fees, according to filings with the Canada Revenue Agency. The charity only spent 22 percent on “charitable programs.”

The CGEP was set up by Canadian mining investor Frank Giustra,  who is one of the largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation and a frequent traveling partner with Bill Clinton. Most of the funding has come from mining executives and companies. The CGEP was primarily set up so that Canadians contributing to the Clinton Foundation would receive a tax deduction in Canada.

This is not the first time CGEP has been in the headlines. The Canadian charity has also served as a conduit for undisclosed donations flowing to the Clinton Foundation. Frank Giustra admitted in 2015, after the publication of Clinton Cash, that there were more than 1,000 undisclosed donations to the Clinton Foundation. Many of those had come via CGEP.

The Clinton Foundation as a whole is even worse! In 2013, the Foundation spent a mere 10 percent of its budget on charitable grants – compared to an equal 10 percent on travel, 33 percent on salaries/benefits, and 47 percent on all other expenses (rent, supplies, IT).

If only Donald Trump ran the Clinton Foundation, the media might actually show some interest in it if there’s some shady business going on.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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