INSANE: Look who liberal journalist blames for Minnesota police shooting

The death of Philando Castile, captured in agonizing detail on a video recorded by his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds has gripped the nation. The tragic shooting in Minnesota — along with the death of Alton Sterling in Louisiana — have sparked outrage and murderous violence in Dallas.

It will take some time before we know the full circumstances behind both police incidents, but like clockwork, the liberal minions galavanting around mainstream media only took about half a second before announcing to the world who was to blame for Castile’s death.

According to the NY Daily News, it’s all the NRA’s fault.


From the NY Daily News:

I don’t immediately blame the cops and I certainly don’t blame the victims.

I blame the gun nuts.

Gun lovers and their mouthpieces at the National Rifle Association have done more to damage police-community relations than poor cop training, racism, crime and fear could ever do.

And it’s all due to the NRA’s twisted, sick perversion of the Second Amendment from a cherished right to keep and bear arms as part of a well-regulated national defense into a call to “stand your ground” in all circumstances.

The NRA famously depicts armed citizens as heroes and lobbies against any restrictions on an American’s right to defend himself.

“Tell every politician you will STAND and FIGHT to protect your fundamental right to hunt, shoot and own a gun for personal protection,” one of the group’s petitions reads.

Once again, radical progressives blame law-abiding citizens for an act they had absolutely nothing to do with.

In a land where folks believe in the rule of law and common sense dominates the day, most people would hold the parties involved in an act of violence accountable for their own actions, rather than blaming a group of innocent people with no involvement in the situation.

The concept of “personal responsibility” has become so foreign to the liberal mind that the idea of placing blame for some horrific shooting on the individuals involved in the incident leaves them totally baffled.

No, in their twisted worldview, if one person uses a tool in an incorrect manner, then no one should be allowed to have one. Unfairly blaming or punishing an entire group for the actions of a few unrelated individuals seems to fly in the face of the liberal battle cry of “tolerance” and “fairness,” doesn’t it?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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