JUST IN: After Dallas, Loretta Lynch says ‘we must take a hard look at…’

White supremacist Dylan Roof becomes radicalized online, decides to shoot up a black church, and liberals immediately jump to ban the Confederate flag wherever it’s displayed publicly.

Black supremacists radicalized by the rhetoric of groups like Black Lives Matter decide to shoot up the police, and guns are the problem.

At this point, there must be some guide out there somewhere explaining to liberals how to respond to tragedy. The reactions are always predictable. If the shooter is Muslim, it had nothing to do with his religion. If the shooter is white, it’s proof that we’re the real problem. If the shooter is Christian…. oh wait that never happens.

Such was President Barack Obama’s response, when he used the Dallas massacre to call for gun control, and repeated a bogus statistic about blacks being twice as likely to be shot by police as whites (hint: they aren’t).

Loretta Lynch just addressed the nation on the tragedy, and she must’ve received the same script as Obama.

She expressed that Americans feelings in the wake of the officer-involved shootings are “understandable and they are justified” — even though we don’t yet know the true facts in either incident. To her credit, the attorney general spoke out against violence and instead called for “determined action.”


And just what kind of “action” do you think the attorney general had in mind?

Of course. No, not we must take a look at the anti-police, racially divisive environment fomented by the Obama administration itself. No, of course this massacre of our police officers is just another tragedy to exploit to further the administration’s own high priority gun control agenda.

Those sniper rifles didn’t pull their own triggers. The killers were motivated by a radical anti-police ideology that comments by the administration continue to fuel by exaggerating the problem at hand.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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