Newly-revealed details about Hillary’s FBI interview will leave you SPEECHLESS

Despite strategic scheduling intended to bury it — Saturday during a summer holiday weekend — Hillary Clinton’s interview by the FBI was nonetheless the central topic on the news and people’s lips alike all weekend long. Speculation about what they talked about for 3.5 hours was rampant; finally, after a year-long investigation, the investigation’s subject was being interviewed.

The FBI’s announcement, just two days later, that Hillary will not face charges related to her use of a private email server as secretary of State has only fueled speculation of the interview’s content. Senate Republicans have demanded it be released to the American public.

“Only when we get the complete investigation out, including that three-and-a-half hour interview with the FBI, will the American people have the information they need in order to make a final judgement,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), the Senate’s No. 2 Republican said. [H/T The Hill]

Turns out, that’s not likely to even be possible, given what FBI Director James Comey revealed today in his testimony before Congress.

As Breitbart reports:

During testimony before Congress on Thursday, FBI Director James Comey stated that the FBI’s interview with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was not under oath or recorded, but it still would be a crime to lie to the FBI.

Comey stated that he did not personally interview Clinton, and did not talk to all of the “five or six” who did interview Clinton.

He was then asked, “did she testify or talk to them under oath?” Comey answered, “No.” But added that “it’s still a crime to lie to us.”

When asked if there was a transcript of the interview, Comey stated that there wasn’t one because the interview wasn’t recorded, but there was an analysis of Clinton’s interview.

Can you even believe this?!? No recording, no transcript — and the FBI Director himself wasn’t there himself, nor did he actually bother to talk to all of those agents who did interview her? He based his decision on an “analysis,” which by its very nature is subjective — rather than the raw evidence?

And, what’s with not taking testimony under oath? Comey himself had to take an oath before his testimony today.


Not that one would have any confidence that ANYTHING — oath or otherwise — would stop the likes of Hillary Clinton from lying. But it does smack of an attempt to protect her nonetheless.

And now it appears the American people will never know what was said — which is exactly how our they designed it

So, let’s review the very high level here: a woman whose main job was to protect the security of the American people, violated protocol (at the very least) and exposed some of the nation’s most sensitive information — thereby endangering the American people she was sent to Washington to serve. And somehow, SHE’s the one who gets protected in all of this, at the expense of the American people knowing the truth?

Whatever happened to government of the people, by the people, FOR the people? Seems like a serious review of this lesson might be in order for the people who seem to have forgotten.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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