This one question FBI director can’t answer about Hillary is VERY TELLING…

By now, think it’s fair to say we all know FBI Director James Comey believes deep down that Hillary Clinton is guilty, but was pressured into the verdict he delivered on Tuesday. Besides, what would be the point in upsetting the establishment in recommending charges — only for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to then dismiss them? It certainly wouldn’t bode well for Comey’s career if Hillary wins the presidency.

A back and forth between Comey and Rep. Jason Chaffez during his Congressional testimony today seemed to confirm suspicions that Comey is well aware that Hillary broke the law. Western Journalism reports:

During testimony before Congress on Thursday, FBI Director James Comey declined to answer whether someone who acted in a similar manner to Hillary Clinton with regard to the handling of classified information would be granted a security clearance.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Chaffetz asked the director, “Given the fact pattern you laid out less than 48 hours ago, would a person who had dealt with classified information like that, would that person be granted a security clearance at the FBI?”

You’re kind of making my point, director,” Chaffetz followed up. “The point being because I injected the word Hillary Clinton, you gave me a different answer. But if I came up to you and said this person was extremely careless with classified information, exposure to hostile actors and used, despite a warning, created unnecessary burdens in exposure, if they said that they had one device and you found out that they had multiple devices, if there had been e-mail chains with somebody like [former Clinton aide] Jake Sullivan asking for classification changes, you’re telling me that the FBI would grant a security clearance to that person?”

Comey replied, “I’m not — I hope I’m giving a consistent — I’m not saying what the answer would be, I’m saying that would be an important consideration in a suitability determination for anybody.”

So what would’ve happened if anyone other than Hillary had done what she did?

The director went on to add that if Clinton were an employee of the FBI and acted similarly, “there would be a security and a range of discipline could be imposed from termination to reprimand and in between, suspensions, loss of clearance.”

So she would lose security clearance had she been a member of the FBI, but for one running for the highest office in the land, there’s no consequence.

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