OUCH! First Hillary’s cleared by FBI, now House Dems just did THIS to Bernie…

Sen. Bernie Sanders is quickly learning what it feels like to go head-to-head with his party’s establishment, and to put it mildly, it doesn’t seem like it’s a very pleasant experience.

Sanders recently participated in a question-and-answer session with liberal lawmakers where he was asked whether or not he would throw his support behind Hillary Clinton and help unify the Democratic Party.

His answer didn’t go over too well, as House Democrats actually booed the outspoken socialist.

Politico reports, Sen. Bernie Sanders is still talking like a guy who’s running for president. But frustrated House Democrats — who booed him at one point during a morning meeting — say it’s time to stop.

With the Democratic convention just weeks away, Sanders still hasn’t endorsed one-time rival Hillary Clinton and dodged questions about when he would during a tense meeting Wednesday morning with House Democrats.

Sanders also stunned some of the Democrats in attendance when he told them that winning elections wasn’t the only thing they should focus on. While they wanted to hear about how to beat Donald Trump — and how Sanders might help them win the House back — he was talking about remaking the country.

“The goal isn’t to win elections, the goal is to transform America,” Sanders said at one point, according to multiple lawmakers and aides in the room.

After delivering his opening remarks — which touched on Sanders’ favorite issues including campaign finance, Wall Street reform and trade — lawmakers inside the meeting pressed Sanders during a tense question-and-answer session on whether he would ultimately endorse Clinton and help foster party unity.

Sanders complained about the “super delegate” process used during the primaries. “One person is starting with 900 delegates before anyone even votes,” Sanders said. The Vermont socialist and his supporters have been upset about the issue for months.

But House Democrats didn’t seem very impressed with the unapologetic Sanders, who didn’t yield an inch despite the rough handling he received.

Did anyone else experience a bit of a chill up the spine after hearing Sanders say that bit about wanting to “transform America” rather than “win elections?”

There’s little doubt Obama would be proud to hear such a statement from such a radical, hardcore progressive, as it echoes his own statements made years ago when he first took office.

This particular election cycle will go down in history as one of the most divisive, as both political parties seem to be split between hardcore adherents to a particular set of principles, and those individuals who are willing to compromise everything they believe in order to retain money and power.

Can anyone really blame Sanders for not wanting to support Hillary? She practically stole the election from him via super delegates, not to mention she got away with committing a felony with the whole email debacle.

Pretty safe to say Sanders’ frustration is justified.

That being said, neither he nor Clinton should be our next president, as either one of them would simply carry on Obama’s legacy and build on the uber progressive foundation he established during his time in office, and that’s not something this country can survive.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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