Boom: Dana Perino DESTROYS Hillary and FBI in massive Twitter rant

Anyone and everyone has been weighing in on the outrageous and highly controversial decision by the FBI not to pursue charges against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal that’s rocked her presidential campaign over the last year.

Former George W. Bush White House press secretary and Fox News host Dana Perino is the latest to jump into the fray, going on an epic Twitter rant shredding Hillary and the FBI over the absence of justice in this situation.

She brings her own personal White House experience to bear in slamming the travesty of both former Secretary of State Clinton’s miscarriage of our nation’s classified info — and the more recent miscarriage of our nation’s rule of law by the FBI.

Via The Right Scoop:

Perino definitely brought the heat on this and pretty much summed up everything that needed to be said about this tragic miscarriage of justice.

One of the main reasons this scandal is so infuriating is because it proves that some politicians think they’re above the law, that they are better than individuals they claim to be serving when they take their oath of office.

No longer do those in Congress and the White House see themselves as public servants of the people; rather, the people seemingly exist to serve them, which is the opposite of our founders’ intent when establishing this republic.

The whole foundation America was built on was that no man, regardless of position, was above the rule of law. Everyone was equal in the eyes of the law and if you committed a crime, you paid for your indiscretion, regardless how high up on the totem poll you were.

Hillary getting off the hook destroys that ideal and demonstrates just how corrupt our nation’s government has truly become.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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