Hours after FBI announcement, Obama does the UNTHINKABLE for Hillary on stage…

It was bad enough that Obama’s attorney general had a private meeting with Hillary Clinton’s husband and former president just a week before the FBI — who reports to Attorney General Lynch, of course — handed down its recommendation of no charges for Hillary today. Despite much evidence of “extreme carelessness,” which endangered the security of the American people — and which some of us have the audacity to suggest might be along the lines of criminally punishable “gross negligence” — it appears the Queen will continue waltzing along the campaign trail in her bid to become president.

And today, just hours after the FBI’s announcement that stunned Republicans and Democrats alike, Hillary was waltzing down the trail hand-in-hand with none other than President Obama. I guess if you call jetting on the president’s Air Force One waltzing. Yep, optics be damned — the president’s gonna do what he’s gonna do.

But if you thought hosting freshly-“exonerated” Hillary Clinton on Air Force One just hours after Obama’s FBI cleared her, wait ’til you see what he did next. Here’s one where the picture is worth a thousand words. Notice the presidential seal — you know, the one that’s supposed to be reserved for one person only, the President of the United States?

Here are a couple more views of what quite possibly is the most shamelessly blatant use of executive power for political purposes:

President Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In CharlottePresident Obama Campaigns With Hillary Clinton In Charlotte

Is there any line President Obama won’t cross to further his own agenda? Clearly, he’s proven to us time and again that the answer to that question is a big fat no.

Anyone else feel like Obama is flaunting his blatant, corrupt maneuvering on behalf of Hillary Clinton right in our faces? As if to say to the American people, yep, I’m giving y’all the one-finger salute – right to your faces! — and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The only possible saving grace is that the events of today have been such an utter shock and slap in the face to so many Americans that it’s jolted many more people awake to the corruption upon which the Hillary Clinton candidacy — and the Obama administration propping her up — rests.

All I can say is, don’t get too comfortable behind that podium, Hillary.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

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