CHILLING: Thomas Jefferson predicted what happened in Saudi Arabia yesterday

I pray y’all had a wonderful and happy 240th Independence Day. As is our family ritual, we watched “The Patriot.” No matter how many times you watch that movie, you always just swell with pride remembering those men who defended the honor of this new nation. And today, 240 years later, we are called upon to defend our nation against an enemy far more vile, vicious and savage.

As reported by CNN, “A wave of suicide bombings hit three Saudi Arabian cities over a 24-hour period. The attacks came on the heels of massive jihadi assaults in the Muslim world last week that have been tied to ISIS; analysts believe that this string of assaults in Saudi Arabia could be the work of the terror group. There has been no claim of responsibility.

Two of the attacks failed but four people were killed in the third, all of which appear to be coordinated — targeting both Saudi security forces and Western interests.

The first occurred before dawn near the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah. The attacker killed only himself after detonating an explosive according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency. Policemen were injured in the attack.

In Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia, a suicide bomber attempted to launch an attack at a Shiite mosque but failed, killing himself in the process, according to an official with knowledge of the event. There were no injuries.

The deadliest occurred in Medina, where four people were killed and another person was wounded, according to an official with knowledge of the event. The city is a major spot in Islam because that’s where the Prophet Mohammed is buried.

They follow dramatic attacks last week in Turkey, Bangladesh, Yemen and Iraq that killed scores of people. They are claimed or thought to be carried out by ISIS.

Tim Lister, a CNN expert on Middle East affairs, said the Saudi attacks fits the “modus operandi” of ISIS and the kingdom represents “a real target to show” ISIS “can punch above its weight.” “Saudi Arabia is a big target for them. They have a lot of Saudi fighters in their ranks. They regard the Saudi monarchy as having betrayed Islam.”

Here again we have an example of ISIS’ desire to be the center of the new Islamic caliphate. They want absolutely no secular Muslim leadership to stand against their goal. And of course if there’s one place that must be cleansed, it’s Saudi Arabia.

Having any “infidels” in Saudi Arabia is seen as a serious affront and abomination. Furthermore, we are in those final days of Ramadan and we can expect the end to bring forth more sensational Islamic jihadist attacks. If there were ever an opportunity to rally the world against the global Islamic jihad, it is now.

However, the policies of the current Obama administration rely more on obfuscation, denial and outright lies rather than a strategy to defeat this scourge.

As a world we are fighting for our collective independence from a millennia-old tyranny. It is a pestilence that has always taken the field of battle throughout history against the ideal of individual liberty.

Some 240 years ago brave men and women took a stand against monarchism and we were bequeathed these great United States of America. And today we must ask ourselves, what is to become of the incredible gift for which they pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for us to enjoy today?

Yesterday we celebrated our independence, and we remembered two of our Founding Fathers instrumental in our quest for freedom — the separation from a ruler. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams also had to face this present enemy eye to eye and Jefferson knew what had to be done. He knew the enemy would not relent.

Our Navy and Marines took on the Barbary pirates, and they did so without concern for political correctness. Jefferson took the enemy for their word and decided he would no longer pay any tribute or ransom. This highly intellectual man who was the author of our Declaration of Independence put on a different hat upon becoming commander in chief. He didn’t try to intellectualize the enemy. He, and later John Adams, saw the enemy had to be crushed or would rise again. He was right. It’s precisely what we’re seeing now.

So here we are today, two plus centuries later, and we need to ask, do we fight or do we cower? The example set before us is clear. We’ve seen this enemy before and we need to follow the precedent established.

This isn’t about fear-mongering or seeking war. I suppose if you believe so you’re just one of those Lenin-coined “useful idiots” who fails to see the reality of where we are. The enemy, Islamic jihadists, have not “just” declared war against us; they never stopped since the days of the Barbary pirates. This is just another chapter in the book of Islamic totalitarianism and desired supremacy.

It’s part of the vision unleashed from Medina in 622 AD. We can chose to continue this current path — if that’s the case, perhaps we shall not be celebrating many more Independence Days — but rather DEpendence days.

As I am writing this the movie “Red Dawn” is playing – that’s our American spirit, we never stop fighting. Those who believe this is all about compassion, unity, and love — well, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams would certainly have choice words for you. The black flag must burn — and you know what? It shall indeed.

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