BREAKING: FBI Director announces VERDICT for Hillary

Despite the best attempts to bury it, news of Hillary Clinton’s 3.5 hour interview with the FBI was all over the news this weekend. Even holding it on the Saturday of a holiday weekend — an even more obscure time for the news cycle than the infamous “Friday news dump” — the Queen’s criminal investigation was the topic of much conversation this Independence Day weekend.

To cap off the chatter, this morning FBI Director James Comey made the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. After going into great detail about the process of the the FBI’s painstaking investigation into tens of thousands of emails, the FBI director announced he did not believe criminal charges were appropriate in this matter. Director Comey based the decision, he said, largely on what he believed was not willful intent to harm the security of the United States.

“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said. [Translation: no reasonable prosecutor, under the specter of repercussions by the Clinton machine.]

While the FBI did not find evidence that rose to the level of criminal wrongdoing, he did find plenty of evidence of “extreme carelessness.”

You can read Director Comey’s full comments here.

Of course, Democrats will be crying much ado about nothing for this whole investigation. So, really, are we celebrating an incompetent, careless secretary of state, who didn’t have the sense to protect our most classified information — and now wishes to be president?

And, then of course, there is issue of the corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation…

Meanwhile, the presumptive Democrat nominee is flying on Air Force One with President Obama today. Suppose he had a little heads up on what was to be announced today.

Something’s very rotten…

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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