Officials make STUNNING statement about identity of Dhaka attackers

Within hours of the siege and massacre carried out in the upscale Dhaka restaurant, the Islamic State had claimed responsibility for the massacre. The media-hungry group may be jumping on stories in a twisted PR move to make itself seem larger and more influential.

But in any event does the specific “brand” really matter? Jihadists under the mantle of radical Islam are all equally hateful, and it doesn’t hurt any less to be beheaded by ISIS or al-Qaida.

Now AFP via Yahoo! News reports, The jihadists who slaughtered 20 hostages at a Dhaka restaurant were members of a homegrown Bangladeshi militant outfit and not followers of the Islamic State group, a senior minister said Sunday.

“They are members of the Jamaeytul Mujahdeen Bangladesh,” Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told AFP, referring to a group which has been banned in Bangladesh for more than a decade.

Just need to stop for a moment…the group has been “banned” in Bangladesh for more than a decade. Oh okay then, clearly there couldn’t be any problem because they were banned. Murder is also banned in Bangladesh. How’s that working out?

Now back to the report…

“They have no connections with the Islamic State.”

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the killing of the hostages and two police officers during an 11-hour siege that ended on Saturday but the government has consistently denied that international jihadist groups are operating in Bangladesh.

Police have released the names and photos of six of the attackers who were shot at the end of the siege. A seventh was arrested and is being interrogated by Bangladeshi intelligence officers.

But here’s the most disturbing part of this new revelation.

Khan said that all of the attackers were well-educated and most came from wealthy families.

“They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa,” the minister said.

Asked why they would have become Islamist militants, Khan said: “It has become a fashion.”

No, these killers are not poor, disadvantaged or unemployed. They’re not unloved or turned to kill because “climate change” has made their lives unbearable.

They’re into fashion.

This is truly alarming. Contemporary culture has declined to such a point that violent death and destruction, martyrdom and mayhem have become “a fashion” among Muslim youth.

But it’s not so difficult to understand. Here in the haven of the United States we celebrate “gangsta” style. Ever listen to the lyrics of popular rap songs? It was the late rap star Tupac Shakur who coined the phrase “thug life” now celebrated in a series of YouTube videos with its own accompanying merchandise. The Black Lives Matter folks are all too happy to promote smashing up windows, rolling a few cars and killing police officers.

Liberals sit around trying to convince themselves all these people need is a little more love in their lives to stop being so violent. But all they really need is swift retribution and a consequence for their actions.

They’re getting away with murder.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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