Whoa: Look what liberals are teaching K12 students about TRUMP

The expression “delicate snowflake” has been used a lot lately to describe the droves of young folk being pushed out of progressive-run public schools, as more and more individuals enter society completely unequipped to handle adult conversations and disagreements.

A perfect example of this mindset is coming out of the Washington state education department as an email has been sent to the schools in the state in an effort to prepare them for “increasing levels of fear and anxiety” due to what they hilariously call the “Trump effect.”

This is the sort of insanity you just can’t make up.

The Daily Caller reports, Teachers are told to create “safe places,” plan for “recovery” from election rhetoric, incorporate election-related lessons in the classroom, and provide students with “protection” who are exposed to the rhetoric.

The email, which was obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation, was sent out by Mike Donlin, program supervisor of the School Safety Center for the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Donlin sent the email to a mailing list of school officials in charge of complying with state law concerning harassment, intimidation, and bullying in schools.

Bearing the subject “The Impact of the Presidential Campaign on Schools,” Donlin’s June 16 email warns recipients that they should be taking preemptive action to stop Trump’s rhetoric from hurting students.

“As we close this school year, we need to be aware of a phenomenon called the Trump Effect,” the email says. “Regardless of one’s politics, the impact of this year’s political rhetoric on K12 schools is huge. It has produced increasing levels of fear and anxiety among students of all ages. Fear levels are becoming especially high among ethnic, racial and linguistic minority, and LGBTQ youth. Perception is reality.”

To define the so-called “Trump Effect,” Donlin links to an article published by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a progressive advocacy group. SPLC’s mission is to identify and track hate groups in America, bit it has raised eyebrows among conservatives by classifying the Family Research Council as a hate group (which may have helped cause an attempted mass shooting at the group’s headquarters in 2012) and labeling presidential candidate Ben Carson an “extremist.” Nevertheless, Donlin cites them repeatedly as an apparently neutral source of information.

Our school system is now pumping out generation after generation of young Americans who are completely incapable of engaging in rational dialogue with anyone who has an opposing view from the one they are taught  indoctrinated with by progressive educators.

Rather than compose arguments designed to defend their point of view and potentially win over hearts and minds to their ideals and belief systems, they retreat to “safe spaces” to avoid having their views challenged and seek to live in a bubble surrounded by individuals who think just like them.

This sort of ridiculousness stagnates logical thinking in children and denies them opportunities to learn how to develop interpersonal communication skills that are essential to living life as a successful adult.

Creating these “safe spaces” also prevents young people from developing the inner strength, boldness, and courage needed to face adulthood and be a productive, contributing member to society.

It’s just one more reason the federal government needs to be far removed from the education system.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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