I have a question for my LEFTIST friends about Orlando, Istanbul and Bangladesh

I returned from my night patrol ride-along with the Northeast Division of the Dallas Police Department to find out my worst concern had come to fruition. We’ve seen countless occasions where Islamic jihadists force individuals to recite Koranic verses — when they cannot, they face certain death…as infidels.

This has been the case with Al Shabab when they conducted the Nairobi, Kenya shopping center attack. And this is why I made the assertion that the assailants having machetes did not bode well for the hostages. We saw something similar with the horrific Mumbai Islamic jihadist attack as well. What I am sharing with y’all (and just for posterity, I am from Georgia, and this is how I speak) is “trend analysis” — some would call it profiling — regardless, it’s a time-tested and effective means by which one analyzes the modus operandi of the opposition — the enemy.

Now, I can’t wait to hear the spin emanating from the Obama administration…you know, this has nothing to do with Islam. Really Mr. President? You continue to expect us to believe when folks are separated based on their ability to know and recite Koranic verses it has NOTHING to do with religion?

Imagine, what if the attackers had required the hostages to sing the first stanza of “Amazing Grace” or “Onward Christian Soldiers?” Or how about a test of culinary skills baking a cake for a same-sex wedding — after all, during the day the establishment was a bakery. Ok, enough sarcasm to solidify the fact that the progressive socialist left is abjectly ignorant and inept when it comes to combatting the global Islamic jihad — regardless of onesy, twosey, drone strikes.

Here is the concern, and why Americans should realize that Obama is incapable of protecting us. As reported by Liberty Unyielding, “At least three American students have been identified among the 20 people brutally slaughtered during an ISIS attack on a cafe in Bangladesh yesterday.

Abinta Kabir of Miami died when terrorists attacked the largely foreign crowd inside the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka. Kabir was a student at Emory University. The same was true of Faraaz Hossain, who attended the college’s business school, and was also identified among the dead. Tarushi Jain, 19, who studied at University of California Berkeley campus was also killed during the 12-hour siege.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack on its official channel, Amaq News Agency. Bangladeshi police breached the cafe early morning Saturday, killing six gunmen and arresting one. The gunmen reportedly screamed “Allahu Akhbar” when entering the cafe, and quickly separated locals from foreigners.

The Associated Press reports the dead hostages included citizens of Italy, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh and one Indian. Bangladeshi General Nayeem Ashfaq Chowdhury told the Dhaka Tribune, the hostages were killed execution style with “sharp objects” indicating they may have been tortured.

An employee of the restaurant who managed to flee, told the Tribune one of the terrorists was wielding a sword. An ISIS statement claiming responsibility for the multitude of terrorist attacks said “The knives of the mujahedin will continue to cleanse Bangladesh from the filth of the polytheists and apostates.”

The attack began as Bangladeshis gathered to break their fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. ISIS told followers to seize the month of Ramadan as a time to carry out as many attacks possible. The high-profile attack in Bangladesh may indicate the intention to officially declare Bangladesh an Islamic “state.” The Institute for the Study of War recently noted, “ISIS is likely preparing to launch new affiliates in Bangladesh.”

Here is a simple question for my dear leftist friends who’ve become drunk on the Kool-aid: do the events of Orlando, Istanbul, and Bangladesh represent a “containment” of ISIS? Let me help you out a bit, what do you say to the victims of those three Islamic jihadist attacks? Is it just a case of more compassion, unity, and love?

Perhaps when those folks busted into the cafe in Bangladesh they should have offered their attackers a hug? We are so darn afraid to say who these people are and what their intentions are — which ISIS stated, “The knives of the mujahedin will continue to cleanse Bangladesh from the filth of polytheists and apostates.”

Do y’all really believe this represents “containment?” And since ISIS has now said it is the “knives of the mujahedin,” does that mean Democrats will have a sit-in over knife control or machete control?

It appears State Department spokesperson John Kirby misspoke when he stated early on that all Americans were accounted for.

And just as a reminder, we also had a 13-year-old American girl fatally stabbed to death by a “Palestinian” jihadist as she slept in her bed.

My point is this isn’t about what the progressive left seeks to control — the tool — it’s about the ideology that would brutally and savagely hack to death young people, just because they don’t subscribe to a specific religious belief.

And Mr. President, please do not resurrect any recollections about the Crusades, unless you want to fully divulge the reason why Pope Urban II called for such in 1095 AD. The Christian Western world had enough with the violence and intimidation of Islamic jihadists, the mujahedin. Barack, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams came to realize that the violence, intimidation, and bribery of the Barbary Pirates could not be tolerated — they had enough.

They did not conceive of “containment.” They sought defeat to combat this enemy, such was the case at the Battles of Tours, Lepanto, and Vienna. Now we need resolute global leadership, not a cowering dismissive hack who obfuscates when it comes to embracing the nature of this enemy, and defining them.

My condolences to the families of the four Americans who have horribly lost their lives this week – three in Bangladesh, one in Israel. This did not have to happen — that is, if we’d made a better decision as a nation in 2012. We knew we had someone who would abandon Americans to die and lie about it – and tragically, that continues to happen.


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