BREAKING: We’ve just learned who is behind today’s terror attack in Bangladesh…

As we reported earlier, the second major terrorist attack this week is underway, this one in Bangladesh. Reports are that 6 t0 8 gunmen stormed a restaurant popular with Westerners, opening fire and launching explosives — while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” They’re still holding anywhere from 20 to 60 hostages at the restaurant, and we’re now hearing reports that at least two people are dead and 40 have been wounded — some by gunshots and others by shrapnel from explosive devices.

Radical Islam had been suspected from the start of this attack, and now the Islamic State is confirming it as they claim responsibility.

Police are trying to find out the demands of the gunmen holding hostages — if, indeed, they have any other than wreaking terror on innocent souls going about their daily lives.

While the specific motives of today’s attack may be unclear, what is abundantly clear is that ISIS appears emboldened, continuing  on their own Ramadan reign of terror — even as President Obama and Secretary Kerry want us to believe they’re ‘losing.’ If this is losing, sure as heck don’t want to see what ‘winning’ looks like.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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