One day after ISIS strikes Turkish airport, Obama just did something ASTONISHING…

One day after terrorists — believed to be ISIS — struck Turkey’s main airport, killing 41 and injuring 239, President Obama has done something astonishing. For him, at least. Actually, two astonishing-coming-from-him things.

Less than 24 hours after the massive bloodbath, President Obama has already placed a call to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to express condolences and offer support in the investigation. You may recall that after the Orlando terror attack, the president didn’t even bother to personally call Florida Governor Rick Scott to do the same.

On top of that — again in sharp contrast to the his response to the Orlando attack which killed 49 and wounded 53 others on American soil — the president today is already opening suggesting the Islamic State is actually to blame for yesterday’s attack.

Via USA Today:

President Obama condemned the terror attack at an Istanbul airport Wednesday, suggesting that the Islamic State was responsible and pledging that the terror group would ultimately be defeated.

“It’s an indication of how little these vicious organizations have to offer beyond killing innocents,” Obama said. “They’re continually losing ground, unable to govern those areas that they have taken over.”

There’s a statement of the obvious — pretty sure Obama and his politically-correct minions have been the only ones ever to suggest there might be something terrorist organizations like ISIS have to offer besides death and destruction. Perhaps it’s only if we could apply some “smart” diplomacy like Hillary suggests to better “understand” their beefs, or give ’em some love like Loretta suggests, organizations like ISIS could show us what else they have to offer.

Of course, Obama’s theater of the obvious was followed immediately by the theater of the absurd — his abject denial of reality in suggesting ISIS is losing ground. Even if they are losing territory, the past seven months have shown anything but lost momentum for ISIS — indeed, quite the contrary, when you consider highlights like Paris, Brussels, Orlando and, now, Istanbul, amidst countless other less high-profile attacks.

Secretary of State John Kerry, meanwhile, offered a similar assessment, suggesting that yesterday’s attack proves ISIS is “desperate” and “know [they] are losing.” Gosh, if you asked the victims of yesterday’s attack and their loved ones who’s losing, I (Michelle Jesse) am gonna go out on a limb and suggest they won’t say it’s ISIS.

Obama spoke while meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto at the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa, where the agenda was mostly on continental cooperation.

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