Moments after ISIS strikes Turkish airport, John Kerry makes UNBELIEVABLE statement…

We are only just beginning to comprehend the impact of the terror attack today on Turkey’s main airport — the third largest in Europe. So far, we are learning that some 36 people have been killed and more than 147 wounded. While there is not yet confirmation of who is behind the attack, counterterrorism officials are saying the “Brussels-style” attack has the hallmarks of ISIS.

A senior U.S. counterterrorism official told NBC News the Istanbul attack “fits the ISIS profile, not PKK.” 

“There are only two groups capable of carrying out such a large-scale attack. This does not fit the PKK profile, they go after Turkish targets, not international targets,” the official said. [H/T CNN]

Yahoo News similarly reports that a senior Turkish government official has told The Associated Press all initial indications suggest the Islamic State group is behind the attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk airport.

While local and global authorities alike work to assess both the root of and the impact of what appears to be yet another radical Islamic attack — starting to lose count of them since Ramadan began — Secretary of State John Kerry was out in Aspen delivering remarks on countering “violent extremism.”

Of course, we’re no longer surprised — dismayed and disturbed, yes, but not surprised — by the Obama administration’s focus on avoiding calling the violent extremism by its proper name of radical Islam.

However, when it comes to responding to terror by any name, Secretary Kerry himself never ceases to amaze with his inanity (yes, inanity — though you could also probably use “insanity” just as well). We all remember his cringe-worthy appearance after last November’s ISIS attacks on Paris, where he brought James Taylor to sing a folksy “You’ve Got a Friend” to show support for France.

Today, shortly after the Turkish airport terror attack, John Kerry talked about what we need to do “if we’re serious about fighting terrorism”

Ummm… unbelievably, one actually has to agree with Secretary Kerry here. If we’re serious about fighting terrorism, we indeed need to expose corruption — like, for example, governments making up lame excuses to cover up terrorism, in the interest of protecting their own hides, like blaming a video and expecting us all to believe that. Just to name one example that comes immediately today to mind for some reason…

And yes, improved governance seems like a great idea, too. Like actually allowing unfettered investigation into terrorism within our homeland — without hamstringing our agents over fears of being politically incorrect. And actually understanding who is entering our country and making sure they’re all properly vetted — that we’re not inadvertently letting in more terrorists. Or how about making sure we’re not making available billions of dollars to global state sponsors of terrorism by our very own directed actions?

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head to add to what Secretary Kerry was saying about “if” we’re “serious” about fighting terrorism — as if there should be any IF about it by now.

Unfortunately, I (Michelle Jesse) don’t think Kerry was referring to the United States government with his statement — though, unfortunately, it is oh so very applicable to our very own government of which he is a central part.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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