Trump releases “Top 50 Facts About Crooked Hillary” (#19 is particularly despicable)

Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

It’s been a busy weekend for Donald Trump. He was in Scotland immediately after the Brexit vote for the reopening of his newly refurbished luxury golf resort in Turnberry. Then this morning he was busy tweeting his disdain for the Democrat-biased poll that showed him 12 points behind Hillary. But in true Trump fashion, he was ready to hit back.

This afternoon, Trump released a compendium of what the political trade calls “opposition research” on Hillary Clinton.

As The Hill reports, Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump released a 35-page document criticizing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over topics including her foreign and economic policies.

The document, titled “Top 50 Facts About Hillary Clinton From Trump ‘Stakes of the Election’ Address,” goes through 50 claims Trump has made against the presumptive Democratic nominee and uses various articles and other information to defend them.

Trump attacks Clinton for topics ranging from her “disastrous” trade deals to the paid speeches she previously made to Wall Street groups.

We’ve uploaded the entire document here if you’d like to read it, or print it out and gift it to your neighbors who are Hillary supporters.

It’s really quite astonishing that out of 50 facts, it isn’t even until number 38 that we get to the emails.

But it’s number 19 that’s most distressing: “Clinton Was At Home Sleeping While Attacks In Benghazi Continued.” She knew what was happening. She knew what was going to happen. And simply crawled into bed and pulled the covers up.

This woman simply CANNOT be sworn in as commander in chief.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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