Just in: Post-Orlando presidential poll shows Hillary with 12 point lead

#NeverHillary folks are NOT going to be happy with this.

POLITICO reports, Hillary Clinton currently holds a double-digit lead over Donald Trump nationally, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday.

If the election were held today, 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, and 39 percent said they would vote for Trump.

Respondents overwhelmingly said that Clinton is more qualified to be president and has a better personality and temperament than Trump.

A plurality of respondents (46 percent) thought Clinton responded to the Orlando attacks in a more appropriate way. Twenty-eight percent of respondents thought Trump did a better job.

There was also a significant feeling of anxiety among respondents — 70 percent said they were anxious about a Trump presidency, compared to 27 percent who said they would be comfortable with Trump in the Oval Office.

A majority of respondents aren’t looking at a third alternative, either. Asked if they would consider a third-party candidate, 78 percent of respondents said no.

HOWEVER. Of course neither POLITICO nor the WashPo reveal this one fact…the poll is heavily weighted against Republicans. The sample was made up of 36 percent who consider themselves Democrats, 33 percent who consider themselves Independents, and only 24 percent who identify as Republicans.

According to Gallup, the actual split is 29 percent Democrat, 26 percent Republican and 42 percent Independent.

Adjusting for those figures, one could surmise Hillary is still ahead, but not by as much.

Digging into the detailed view of the poll results, you’ll find Democrats are of course strongly anti-Trump and Republicans strongly for Trump. Independents, according to this poll, lean more anti-Trump, but not to the extent of Democrats.

For what it’s worth, the Real Clear Politics average currently has Clinton ahead of Trump by 5.6 points (rather than 12) at 45.8 percent to 39.5 percent. There is not a single poll where Trump is ahead.

So it’s a moment in time, more than four months before Americans actually vote. And it’s weighted Democrat. Take it with a grain of salt.

Still, it is simply unbelievable (to me) that all of her scandals and lies notwithstanding, Americans still feel Hillary is the right person to run this country. But we must never forget America elected Barack Obama TWICE.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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