Marco Rubio says being Trump’s VP isn’t a viable option

For months, Marco Rubio insisted he wouldn’t run for reelection as a Florida Senator, instead vowing to return to life as a private citizen. After pressure from Republican leadership who voiced concerns that the seat would be lost to a Democrat, Rubio changed his mind and is running for reelection.

That flip-flop aside, Politico reports there’s something else says he absolutely won’t do.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio rejected the possibility of running as Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” saying it’s “not a viable option.”

“Yeah, well, it’s too late for that. I’m running for the United States Senate from Florida. And you can’t run for two offices at once, so,” Rubio said. “The differences in policies that me and Donald have had are too big for something like that to work. It would be a distraction, quite frankly, to his campaign.”

In his Senate announcement, Rubio said he planned to “encourage [Trump] to make the right decisions, but also stand up to the bad decisions and the bad policies if he’s elected president.”

So what are some of those “bad decisions” and “bad policies” he plans on standing against?

On Sunday, Rubio reiterated his policy differences with Trump, citing a ban on Muslim immigration and a mass deportation program.

“You can’t round up and deport 11 million people. There are people that need to be deported. Criminals need to be deported. But you can’t round up and deport 11, 10, 9 million people,” Rubio said. “The American people wouldn’t stand for it once they saw what it would take to make that happen.”

On second thought, maybe we were wrong to be excited he was running for re-election…

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