Whoa: Look who’s talking third-party run NOW…

At this point in the presidential election, it seems highly unlikely things could possibly get any stranger, but apparently that isn’t entirely accurate.

While Donald Trump is the GOP presumptive nominee taking on Hillary Clinton for the big prize come November, talk of a third-party run from the #NeverTrump crowd has been consistent, despite failed attempts to actually name someone who would step to the plate.

That might be about to change.

Best-selling conservative author Brad Thor stated he’d consider running, but under one condition.

According to TheBlazeBest-selling thriller writer Brad Thor on Thursday left the door open to running for president on a third-party ticket, telling TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck that he’d consider running if he could get to 15 percent in the polls. 

Beck, who supports neither Trump nor Clinton, speculated with cohosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere about the possibility of a “President Thor.” Thor previously expressed interest in debating presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on stage, but to get there he would need at least 15 percent support in national polls.

“This is how you get the debate you’ve asked for. All you have to do is get to 15 percent in the polls,” Burguiere said.

Thor replied by saying that if he can get to 15 percent, then he would run against Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton: “With the radio show, you can get me to 15 percent? If you can get me to 15 percent, I’ll run.” 

Beck then told the conservative author that he could get to 15 percent “easy” and that he is “serious” about wanting him to run for president.


Out of all the possible people that one could assume would attempt a third-party run, Thor was definitely not even remotely on the radar, but it does make sense given his criticism of both Trump and Clinton.

Thor is an outspoken, die-hard conservative, so he at least has that going for him should he decide to actually get in the race.

Of course, having a third-party candidate in a race as important as this one does raise some serious concerns, such as whether or not another individual running would take votes away from Trump and pave an easier path to victory for Hillary.

Many Americans feel this is a crucial election, one that due to the damage Obama has done to our country, cannot afford to be handed over to a Democrat.

And there’s never been a truly successful third-party run, and that isn’t likely to change with this cycle — although, to be fair, this go-around has been so unpredictable, anything is possible.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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