We just discovered the REAL reason for Dems House ‘Sit-in’; Media won’t say it

Yesterday everyone’s social media feeds blew up with photos of Democratic lawmakers doing an old-fashioned, 1960s style “sit-in” protest, allegedly in an attempt to get votes for gun control measures following the Orlando terrorist attack.

In most of the pictures circulating around the web, it looks like a group of leftists sitting on the floor waiting for snacks and nap time, but it wasn’t a parody scene poking fun at the daily life of a toddler in daycare.

Nor was it the admirable actions of political activists taking a bold stand for what they believe.

It turns out it was likely just a ploy to raise funds, as several Democrats — including Nancy Pelosi — sent out email blasts asking for money.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called out the left for their rather unsavory behavior, giving them a thorough roasting that was well earned.

TheBlaze reports, During his weekly press conference Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) criticized House Democrats for ignoring legislative process and using their gun control sit-in “stunt” to fundraise. 

Ryan said that all the Democrats would need to do to get a vote on their proposed legislation is to get 218 signatures from members on a petition, as specified in House rules. 

“That’s how the House works,” Ryan said. “It’s a well-known process. But they’re not doing that.”

Instead of following the established rules of the House, Ryan said, the Democrats are “trying to get on TV” and to fundraise. 

“They are sending out fundraising solicitations like this one,” Ryan said, holding up a solicitation from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“If this isn’t a political stunt, then why are they trying to raise money off this, off of a tragedy?” Ryan said. 


Given the track record of some of those involved in this little scam, it’s not a bit surprising to find out there was an ulterior motive for this pitiful, and rather embarrassing, act.

It’s absolutely atrocious to think elected officials were using the deaths of innocent civilians — murdered in cold blood — to raise money. It’s super insulting to the victims’ families and demonstrates a clear lack of empathy and compassion on their part.

Of course, profiting off the dead, particularly those murdered in terror attacks and mass shootings is par for the course with liberals.

Before the bodies are even cold in one of these situations leftist politicians are tweeting like mad to pop out posts calling for gun control, rather than attempting to comfort their constituents.

Whatever seems to further their career or their agenda, that’s the route they are taking, and they will always cloak that activity in a facade of pulled heartstrings.

It’s simply shameful.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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