Obama’s silence on this ONE issue is appalling…no, DISGUSTING

Yesterday we shared a story about Secretary of Defense Ash Carter wanting to take resumes for civilians to receive direct high-level commissions as officers and senior non-commissioned officers in the military.

Look, I have no issue with doctors coming in due to their ability. But we don’t need to make military service a simple job for someone who wants to work in cyber warfare. This is not about making a contractual agreement and negotiating terms of service, or creating a separate organization within the military. We’ve also shared the story about the special working group formed to develop policy for transgender troops. Perhaps Carter should be focusing elsewhere?

As reported by CNN, “A rash of recent military crashes has cost the lives of several service members as well as billions of dollars worth of damages. The wave of accidents has raised questions about the training of pilots and the maintenance of aircraft, with top brass pointing to slashed budgets and aging fleets strained by prolonged conflict.

Last week, an MH-60S helicopter crashed in the James River in Virginia during a training mission. Earlier this month, two F-16C fighter jets collided in the skies over Georgia. In the first incident all of the helicopter crew were rescued and in the second the two South Carolina Air National Guard pilots managed to safely eject. But a few days earlier, a Blue Angels pilot was killed when his jet crashed. An Air Force Thunderbirds demonstration squadron jet crashed the same day, but that pilot managed to successfully eject.

During congressional testimony in March, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. John Paxton, acknowledged the growing rate of accidents. “We are concerned about an increasing number of aircraft mishaps and accidents,” he told the Senate Armed Services Committee. He blamed funding shortfalls for the increase, saying, “If you don’t have the money and you don’t have the parts and you don’t have the maintenance, then you fly less.”

He continued, “If you fly less and maintain slower, there’s a higher likelihood of accidents. So, we’re worried.” The Navy has suffered the heaviest losses of the three military branches since October 2014.”

Now, ask yourself, when was the last time you heard Ash Carter stand up and address this issue — heck, when has Obama done so? The decimation of our military under this administration is beyond belief and is a major cause for concern. And let me clue you in on something — a President Hillary Clinton will not make things any better. Clinton’s disdain of our military is well known, and her focus would not be on rebuilding a 21st century capable deterrent force…remember this is the same person who gave the Russian Foreign Minister a little yellow toy with a red button.

The House Armed Services Committee gave a synopsis of what’s happening across our four branches of service:

• From October 2014 – April 2016 the Navy has suffered the heaviest losses.

• $1 billion in total damages.
• A MH-60S Navy Helicopter crashed in the James River in Virginia last week during a training mission.
• Navy F/A-18A crash in Nevada in January – $71m.
• A Blue Angels pilot was killed when his jet crashed.
• Budget cuts have caused the Navy to lose about 10% of its maintenance crews for some of its older planes.

• The Air Force has had 27 “Class A mishaps” since October 2014.
• Two F-16C fighter jets collided in the skies over Georgia, earlier this month.
• An Air Force Thunderbird demonstration squadron jet crashed.
• Since October 2014 the Air Force has lost over $526m in damaged or destroyed aircraft.
• Including:
◦ A B-52 Stratofortress crash in Guam in May.
◦ A C-130J transport plane crash in Afghanistan in October.
◦ A RC-135 crash in April 2015.

• Marine AV-8B Harrier jet that crashed off the East Coast during takeoff in May – $62.8m.
• Two Marine CH-53 helicopters crashed in Hawaii in January killing 12 Marines.
• Estimates put the cost of the crash at nearly $110m

• The Army had 19 Class A aviation accidents resulting in 6 fatalities from October 2014 to October 2015.
• 4 soldiers lost their lives when a UH-60 Blackhawk crashed near Fort Hood, Texas.

Now, I want y’all to pay attention to the comments section for the progressive socialists who will find a way to “blame Bush.” Just like with the Veterans Administration fiasco, the misguided children of the left seem not to realize the president is Barack Obama. And just as with Ronald Reagan following Jimmy Carter, we have a military in dire need of a reboot and resurgence in commitment and will from a commander-in-chief who won’t abandon Americans to die in a combat zone and lie about it.

Reagan was able to rebuild our military after four years of Carter. However, Barack Obama has had eight years to demoralize and decimate our formidable fighting force. The effort is going to be herculean and will require one with a clear vision and the ability to build a military engaged in various combat theaters of operation.

If you truly think about it, Iran, Russia, China, and to some extent North Korea have been afforded, by Obama, every opportunity to build their military strength. In the case of Iran, Obama has even funded it.

Furthermore, Obama’s lack of any strategic vision to defeat the global Islamic jihad has enabled the growth of the most well-funded and equipped Islamic terror organization in history. I consider it a national shame and appalling – no, disgusting — that Obama hasn’t come out and addressed this issue. And it’s an opportunity lost for Donald Trump that he’s not addressing it on the campaign trail — hence why he needs someone to discipline his messaging.

Obama still has some seven months to go, and it’s funny, he’s already threatened to veto the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. What manner of man sits back and does nothing as our military aircraft crash, our troops are losing their lives, and our veterans are so horrifically treated?

Elections certainly do have consequences — a line that Obama used — and sadly they’ve had dire consequences for the men and women of our U.S. armed forces. Do you want more of this?

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