OUCH: New poll DESTROYS Hillary’s “historic” nomination

Identity politics may have worked for Barack Obama in 2008, but the American public has wised up since then.

Hillary Clinton had played the woman card during most of her campaign – so much so that you can purchase an “official woman card” on her campaign website. Luckily, most Americans are aware that they’re voting for candidates based on their policies, not on their genitals.

Via Red Alert Politics

Hillary Clinton’s achievement of becoming the first woman to secure a major party’s presidential nomination is viewed by four in 10 voters as a “historic moment” for the country, according to a new national poll by Morning Consult.

The survey of 1,362 voters, conducted in the days after she claimed the requisite number of delegates, found the sentiment to be stronger among women than men. Only a third (33 percent) of men said Clinton’s achievement was historic, while 42 percent of women shared the view.

Yes – even most women don’t care either.

Fifteen percent of voters said they were proud that a woman had been nominated by a major political party, another 18 percent said they were angry about it. About a third (30 percent) of voters said her nomination had left them frustrated. Only 22 percent of voters said her nomination is a step forward for the country.

In other words, a larger percentage of people were angry or frustrated by Hillary’s nomination than thought it was either a step forward, or were proud that a woman had been the nominee.

On second thought, let’s hope she keeps playing the woman card.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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