What this father discovered when he backed in his driveway has people losing their MINDS

Today is of course Father’s Day, when we honor those men in our lives who’ve had such an enormous impact in shaping the people we are today. When I shop for a card for my dad, I always know when I’ve found the right one. It’s the one that brings tears to my eyes.

Well, he’s a little bit of Father’s Day sweetness to share with you as well. And given all the pain and suffering many fathers have had to endure last week, it’s nice to have a good story for a change, courtesy of lawofficer.com


After his twelve-hour shift, Deputy J. Morgan backs into his driveway and breathes another sigh of relief; he made it home safely. Before he gets the chance to open the door of his squad car, three smiling faces, brimming with toddler curiosity greet him at the end of a long day. Are neighborhood kids chatting up a deputy? Yes, and so much more.

“The boys were playing in the yard with my wife. They always come running over to my patrol car and ask me to turn the blue lights on; they think it’s the coolest thing ever,” explained Deputy Morgan. “They can’t wait for me to play Frisbee, or push them on the swings, or walk to a nearby park to play. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, they’re so happy to see me and to tell me about their day at school.”

The adorable trio, eager to see Deputy Morgan are his foster sons. Ranging in age from 2 to 4, the Morgans decided they were up for the challenge that comes with raising rambunctious little boys. After learning about the desperate need for foster parents in Durham County, they signed up.

“As our pastor put it, fostering and adoption are a reflection of the love that God showed us when he opened his home to us and adopted us into his family,” said Deputy Morgan, who attends the Summit Church. “We know many families have felt called to international adoption, but because of our close involvement with the community, we felt called to serve right here in Durham.”

The Morgans plan to adopt all three of their foster sons. This Father’s Day, they want to encourage others to open their hearts and their home.

“I hope and pray that they know how God loves them and has a plan for them,” said Deputy Morgan. “I hope that, through everything, I can teach them strong values and morals, to be kind and respectful to everyone they meet, to set goals in life, and to work hard to achieve them. But mostly to know that I love them no matter what.”

And that’s what we celebrate today from our fathers.

Love you, Daddy.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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