Gay community issues WARNING to Trump supporters

In the wake of the Orlando terror attack, there’s a movement afoot in the LGBT community to support Donald Trump for president.

Yesterday, we posted this video of a gay man’s plea to his community to support Trump who, “for all his faults, has the courage to stand up,” call radical Islam for what it is and defend this nation and its citizens.

A hashtag campaign has been launched with #ComingOut4Trump to unify and promote support for Trump, but some LGBT supporters have warned their safety may be at risk for doing so.

NBC OUT reports, A number of gay men who have decided to throw their support behind Trump told NBC OUT it has not been an easy road. Juan Hernandez, a gay and Latino member of the Log Cabin Republicans, said his support led to physical violence by anti-Trump protesters at a rally in San Jose. Images of the attack and his bloodied clothes went viral.

“This is politics. Debate is OK,” Hernandez said. “When you start getting violent and throwing out derogatory terms, that’s not OK.”

Hernandez, who switched to the GOP after realizing his views outside of LGBTQ issues were more conservative, said he was a target even before the rally in San Jose. Other members of the LGBTQ and Latino communities, he said, have singled him out for his Trump support. “They’ll email me or send me messages. They say that I’m a sellout,” he explained.

Eric, a 25-year-old gay Marine Corps veteran, was a Trump supporter before the Orlando shooting, but he said the attack – and the dangers he believes “radical Islam” poses to the gay community – has reinforced his support.

“Donald Trump has taken charge,” he said.” I’m gonna go for his stance on immigration and rebuilding the military.”

But while Eric is a vocal Trump supporter, he declined to provide his last name due to fear of violence or “doxxing,” the malicious publication of a private citizen’s personal information online.

“When you put your name out on a national level as supporting someone who attracts that much vitriol and disgust, you’re putting yourself up for doxxing … Especially for someone like me who’s considered a ‘traitor,'” added Eric, who is a member of LGBTrump, an online network for LGBTQ people who support the GOP presidential hopeful.

“It’s easy to come out of the closet,” he said. “It’s dangerous to come out as a Trump supporter.”

Whoa. What sort of a country do we live in now where even the freedom to express your political preference is violently suppressed? And one has to note, it’s not those crazy right-wing Christian Tea Party bigoted nutbags threatening the violence. Of course it’s those ultra-tolerant “coexist” progressive liberals.

It would be absolutely astonishing if this tragedy in Orlando became the catalyst for a mass defection from the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to the Trump camp. If nothing else, it was certainly a terrifying wake-up call.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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