SICK: We just learned what Orlando terrorist’s wife did with him DURING attack…

It seems the more we learn about Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen, the more clear it becomes he was a deeply disturbed man who was completely twisted inside out by the doctrines of radical Islam.

The latest piece of information discovered in the investigation into the massacre has revealed that Mateen took a few seconds during the bloodbath to send out a text message to his wife, Noor.

According to BizPacReviewNoor Salman, the wife of Orlando nightclub killer Omar Mateen, could be charged in the deaths of the 49 people he massacred.

“I know that she is the focus of the investigation. I know that they are considering charges against her,” Rep. Peter King told the New York Post. “She could be charged with being a co-conspirator to murdering 49 people.”

Mateen and Salman exchanged text messages during the rampage, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the situation, told CNN.

“Where are you?” she texted him around 2:30 a.m.

“Do you see what’s happening?” he replied.

After she said “no” he responded with ” love you babe.”

The texting ends there, but it’s being reported that Noor attempted to call her husband several times after the last message.

More and more evidence continues to come to the surface indicating Noor had information about her husband’s intentions and yet did not report them to authorities.

She allegedly cased several locations for the attack with her husband including Downtown Disney — now Disney Springs — as well as the Pulse nightclub. Noor also bought ammo with him, and even claimed to try talking him out of his heinous deed.

Yet she didn’t report any of this beforehand to the police.

This makes her just as responsible for the people murdered in that bar as her husband, which is why she should be brought to justice for her role in this horrific tragedy.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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