What ‘The View’ just said about Trump and ISIS is INSANE, even for them…

The View

The ladies on The View have an established reputation for saying things that are just a tad out there, but recent comments the crew made regarding Donald Trump and ISIS are taking things to a whole new level.

The panel of hosts were discussing the Orlando terrorist attack, when cohosts Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg denied the connection between ISIS and shooter Omar Mateen.

By now, most of us know the man actually pledged allegiance to the terror group just before carrying out the nightclub shooting, so that seems to make the ladies’ claim a little suspect. And on top of that, we’ve learned today of a message the shooter posted the day of the shooting, saying “Now taste the Islamic State vengeance.”

But unfortunately, things only escalated from there, with Joy Behar suggesting Donald Trump is “basically working with ISIS to kill us.”

JOY BEHAR: The thing about Trump though, he’s the recruiter in chief.


BEHAR: He is basically working with ISIS to kill us. They are working together. Just remember what I’m saying.

GOLDBERG: And why do you say this, Joy?

BEHAR: Because every time you go after the Muslims and you talk about how they shouldn’t come into the country and how they’re all a bunch of whatevers, you are saying to ISIS, make another video to show people who are sympathetic to your cause, and don’t think they haven’t made many videos showing Donald Trump. He is a dangerous menace to the country, and I believe — [ applause ]

Later in the segment, Behar went even further, asking if Trump could be considered “treasonist:”

BEHAR: Let me ask you something. Do you think that because he is the recruiter in chief and by his words he’s getting more people to go on the side of ISIS, that he could be considered treasonist? I mean, that is against the Constitution, that is against America. That’s a treasonist act in my opinion.

So, according to these ladies, a man who claims to be loyal to a terrorist group and was even on a watch list at one point isn’t really a terrorist. But a man running for president is secretly plotting the downfall of our nation by allegedly “recruiting” folks to join ISIS with his opinions on how to stop the rise of radical Islam.

This kind of insanity has become par for the course from liberals in modern America, and by now we should be used to it. And yet for some reason, it’s still shocking to see some of the crazy talk people buy into.

At the end of the day, no one is to blame for these awful attacks but the terrorists and organizations who inspire them.

Radical Islamic terrorists are not plotting to destroy our nation and way of life because they don’t like Donald Trump and his idea of forbidding immigration from Muslim countries.

No, they’re bent on spreading Sharia law around the globe, ushering in the end times, subjugating the world to Allah, wiping out those who refuse to bow the knee.

Unfortunately, the left refuses to acknowledge that, which is why no real action is taken and these tragedies keep happening over and over again.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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