JUST IN: Authorities reveal chilling SIX-WORD message Orlando shooter left before attack…

Our president and his progressive left army of ideologues continues to twist himself into pretzels blaming just about everyone and everything else but Islamic extremism and, specifically, the Islamic State, for the bloodbath in Orlando that killed 49 and injured 53. Guns, “toxic masculinity” (whatever that means), America itself and, of course, the Christian right are all to blame. Oh yeah, and probably the Internet too now.

Meanwhile, evidence of Omar Mateen’s allegiance to Islamic jihadism and the Islamic State continue to pile up.

In the hours immediately following the massacre, we learned Mateen had made a call to 911 just before his attack to pledge his allegiance to ISIS.

And today, authorities have revealed a chilling six-word message Mateen left on the day of the shooting — apparently for the Orlando victims and all of us.

Clearly, Mateen wanted the world to have no doubt about his motivations and intentions for doing what he did.

It’s just our own president and his minions who want to try to keep us deceived by the big lie that radical Islam is an existential threat to our people, our nation and our very civilization.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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