If there’s anything that comes from the Orlando Islamic attack, it MUST be this…

Today has a very interesting significance. It is both Flag Day, and the 241st birthday of your United States Army. Yes, June 14th is the day we celebrate our flag to which we pledge allegiance — well, in recent days some have chosen to burn our national symbol. And that’s why the motto of the U.S. Army is so very important for this day: “This We’ll Defend.” It’s not just the flag, but the U.S. Constitution which is the embodiment of our Republic. It’s also what our flag and Constitution represent: Liberty. It’s that simple quality which advances the ideal of individual sovereignty and it must be defended.

So, just a few days after the second worst Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. soil, we must take pride in this day. Pride is not about sexuality or behavioral choices. Pride for me as an American Soldier is knowing I stood on freedom’s ramparts, just like so many generations of Soldiers, to defend this way of life we cherish.

So at this moment we must all comprehend the simple motto of the Army and embrace it for ourselves. If there’s anything that MUST come from the horrific savage Islamic jihadist attack in Orlando it should be our commitment, all of us, to defend this America. As the Under Armor commercial says, “We must protect this house.” And I cannot think of any better house to defend than the one we all call home, these United States of America.

So take time and pause today and think of the legacy that started with simple American men on Lexington Green that now reaches to Afghanistan. Consider all the sacrifices of the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, to this very moment, knowing that there continues to be a legacy of men and women who call themselves American Soldiers. They stand, they take the oath, and they all say, “This We’ll Defend.”

Happy 241st birthday to the Army of my dad, my nephew, and me.

Here’s a fitting tribute to my Army, those remaining, and especially those fallen…”The Mansions of the Lord” performed by the Glee Club of West Point.

In order to defend this nation’s honor, our Army will never relent and will always make the sacrifice for our liberty, freedom, and future.

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