FBI alerted to Orlando terrorist in APRIL, look who blew the whistle….

While the loss of 49 lives from the terror attack in Orlando is absolutely horrific, what’s even worse is that a lot of information has come to light that demonstrates it’s a tragedy that perhaps could have been avoided.

Reports earlier today indicated that the wife of shooter Omar Mateen knew about his plans to carry out the attack and did not report him to authorities. But authorities also received a heads-up about him that should’ve set off some warning bells.

Back in April, Disney World actually alerted the FBI about Mateen and his wife possibly casing the location for an attack.

BizPacReview reports:

According to law enforcement officials, Walt Disney World had reportedly warned federal authorities about the man responsible for Sunday’s Orlando shooting massacre.

Disney alerted the FBI that Omar Mateen and his wife Noor Salman may have been casing the location in April.

Mateen had twice been scrutinized by the FBI and was put on the terrorist watchlist for a year. Then he was turned in by Disney, and yet it doesn’t seem as if any appropriate action was taken.

Could this terror attack partially be the fault of an inept, progressive-run government that refuses to take the enemy seriously and take necessary action to keep citizens safe?

While the entirety of the blame doesn’t land on the government — after all, this terrorist committed this atrocious act of his own accord — one can’t help but feel with all of the red flags this guy threw up, a deeper investigation should’ve been conducted.

Let’s hope those charged with our national defense learn from their mistakes, set aside political correctness, and do a better job of making sure our enemies aren’t able to so easily attack our fellow Americans.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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