After Orlando, I have ONE question for the LGBT community…

In the aftermath of the Orlando Islamic jihadist attack — which has been claimed by ISIS who embraced Omar Mateen as a soldier of the caliphate — we must ask the question…how did this happen? How is it that the greatest military power — well, that’s what they used to say — has not crushed this force of evil? How is it that the objectives, as stated by President Obama, to destroy, defeat and dismantle have not been achieved? We’re told ISIS has lost terrain, yet they’ve expanded into Libya. Call me nutty, but ISIS has a radio station and broadcasts…how?

Well, maybe the Obama administration is all about smoke and mirrors, not exactly inconceivable, and they’re truly doing nothing – and outsourcing our national security, especially as it pertains to defeating Islamic jihadism. Or maybe, the Obama administration’s attention is focused elsewhere.

As reported by the Military Times, “Lindsey Muller spent most of her 16-year Army career as a man named Ryan. About two years ago, the AH-64 Apache Longbow pilot changed her name, started taking female hormones and underwent what the 34-year-old describes as “female puberty.”

The biggest step in her transition came in 2014, when she confronted her commanders with the fact she is a transgender soldier who, under current Pentagon rules, has a “psychosexual condition” that warrants medical separation.

“When I walked into their offices I had the current policy in my hand,” Muller, a chief warrant officer 2, told Military Times. “I said ‘Hey, based on this regulation, I’m deemed unfit to serve. It was almost throwing myself at my commander’s mercy.” The commanders’ response was unexpected. “I was encouraged to stay and continue my career,” she said.

Muller, who works as a helicopter pilot instructor at Fort Rucker in Alabama, is one of at least 77 service members across the active-duty military who have notified their chains of command about their intent to change gender. Those troops — and potentially thousands of others — are eagerly awaiting a new Pentagon policy to clarify their status in the military and outline how a transgender service member might undergo a personal transition while conforming to military regulations.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter last year formed a working group to hammer out a new policy, which he said would be unveiled by this spring. Yet the issue has stalled amid high-level disagreement over the details, according to officials familiar with the Pentagon’s internal debate. Many key questions remain.

Allowing a service member to transition from one gender to another means wearing new uniforms, adhering to new grooming rules and aligning with the physical fitness standards linked to promotions. Who will decide when that transition is officially recognized? A commander? Health care professionals? The Pentagon bureaucracy’s personnel office? Individual service members?

In addition the issue raises a host of medical issues. Will the military health care system pay for hormone therapy or sex-reassignment procedures? How much leave time will that warrant? Will any of those procedures impact a service member’s eligibility to deploy, fly or conduct other military missions?”

Let me explain something: the mission of the U.S. military is to fight and win the nation’s wars. And if after the events in Orlando we don’t comprehend that we’ve been attacked and are at war, then I don’t know what will awaken you.

The mission of the U.S. military is not to accommodate individual personal behavioral decisions. If you were born a certain gender, and decide you wish to be something else, that’s your decision. We wish you well, but the fact that we have to establish a “working group” to hammer out these questions and issues is beyond belief.

And I don’t think any American taxpayer wants to pick up the tab, as the military did with one Bradley Manning, who is serving out a sentence in Ft. Leavenworth. Again, I must ask the rhetorical question regarding the Obama administration — where do these people come from?

Yesterday in Atlanta, I had a meeting with Mr. Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot and while in the Marcus Foundation office, I met a woman named Peggy.

Peggy told me the story of her daughter, a stellar Soldier with an impeccable service record and on a promotion list. Peggy’s daughter was told just before hitting her 15th year of service that she was no longer needed, and was involuntarily separated. If you recall, we shared the story with y’all about young officers who were getting “pink slips” while deployed in the combat theater of Afghanistan. What type of deranged mind would do that?

Well, it’s the type of mind who considers social egalitarianism and special interest advocacy more important that our national security. Just as a reminder, we have an Army now at pre-World War II levels. We have a Marine Corps at World War I levels. We have a U.S. Navy at 1917 surface warship levels. We have the oldest and smallest fleet of combat aircraft in the history of the U.S. Air Force. We have Blue Angels and Thunderbird aircraft crashing while F-16s are crashing into each other and maintenance crews are scouring museums for aircraft spare parts.

We have no defined strategy to pummel ISIS and the proliferation of Islamic jihadism is spreading like an advanced stage cancer globally — the response is to let others contend with the issue.

Yet, we are establishing “working groups” to develop a policy on Billy who personally decides he wants to be Barbara — or I suppose vice versa. We have so lost our focus — but we do have female Ranger school graduates now. I suppose that’s going to be a true combat multiplier since Obama stated, “our military is stronger with women serving in all combat duty positions.” Question, if we’re so doggone strong, then why is ISIS still in existence?

Can I ask a question? What would the LGBT community rather have, ISIS and Islamic jihadism destroyed…or a new policy for transgendered service members? I don’t care about being criticized; it’s a valid question that addresses priorities.

Perhaps if Barack Obama felt as I do and focused on defeating the jihad, there would be many gay people still alive…here and elsewhere.

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