One day after Orlando shooting, shares in this stock SKYROCKET

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

It seems like just minutes after the news broke about the horrifying terror attack in Orlando that liberals started up their siren call for gun control and started demonizing law-abiding citizens by lumping Second Amendment supporters together with crazed radical Islamic terrorists.

While the knee-jerk reaction of demanding more gun control laws is par for the course when it comes to how the left responds to tragedy, it seems the incident is having a totally different impact on shares of gun stocks.

The Blaze reports:
FBN reported, “Smith & Wesson rallied 6.9 percent to $22.88, and Ruger jumped 7.9 percent to $61.93. Vista Outdoor (VSTO), which owns Savage Arms and Federal Premium ammunition, rose 2.3 percent to $48.11.”

According to the outlet, “Gun stocks have widely outperformed the broader market during President Barack Obama’s time in office.”

Any time there’s a tragedy like this followed by a call from the anti-gun crowd to ban firearms or further restrict the Second Amendment in some capacity, gun shops and manufacturers typically see a huge bump in sales.

This largely stems from both a sense of fear that liberals will actually manage to shove through some huge piece of legislation limiting gun rights, and a sense of anger that progressives have failed once more to identify the legitimate culprit responsible for the attack and have blamed an inanimate object for a human being’s act of evil.

What’s tragic is that in the rush to find a way to politicize the Orlando attack, the left has missed an opportunity to show consistency in their message by defending the LGBT community against the hatred they experienced at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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