Hillary tweets about gun control, immediately SHUT DOWN with perfect response…

There are some things at which Hillary Clinton is so very bad, you have to wonder why she even continues to try, throwing one failed attempt after another.

Being “human” and “relatable” is one.

Trying to use social media to position herself favorably is another. When you follow her attempts on Twitter, for example, you almost have to wonder if she’s in on her own joke… which, inevitably, features her as the butt.

Like just last week, after GOP rival Donald Trump insulted her on Twitter calling her “Crooked Hillary,” when the Democrat anointed one fired back with “Delete your account.” Raising the notion of deleting electronic means of communication, by the woman who “wiped” her server to protect herself in the FBI’s criminal investigation into her, was a rather soft lob over to her opponent. Which Trump indeed slammed down hard with his response.

Trump delete your account

Now, just days later, the Queen is stepping in it again. Following Sunday’s horrific terror attacks in Orlando, naturally the left is up in arms about gun control. As they admonish against politicizing the tragedy out of one side of their mouths, they’re screaming for more gun control out of the other side, using the nightclub tragedy as political prop.

Which appears to be what Hillary Clinton was attempting to do when she tweeted out the following.

Hillary tweet

Aaaaand, you know exactly how things unfolded from there. It’s almost too easy.

Hillary FBI investigating

Hillary background check 2

Hillary Espionage

Hillary and OmarHillary background check

Hillary president and lyingHillary armed security

Hillary treason

Of course, we’re all too well aware of why Hillary Clinton think different rules apply to her, as the tweets below illustrate.

Hillary DOJ

And, yeah, a quick perusal of the thousands of responses Hillary’s tweet received suggests the vast majority took it as a soft lob they easily slammed down hard against her.

Hillary don't get twitter

No, she really doesn’t get this Twitter thing. Or the being human and relatable thing. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to stop her.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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