Black Lives Matter Activist says “cure” for mass shootings is to BAN all….

Liberals will point the finger at anyone or anything for the awful terrorist attack that happened over the weekend at an Orlando nightclub, including inanimate objects — guns — and apparently white males.

Anyone so long as it isn’t putting the blame on radical Islamic terrorists.

Senior Justice Writer (how’s THAT for a title) for the New York Daily News Shaun King — you may remember him for his involvement with Black Lives Matter (and for the fact he was “outed” as actually not being a “black” activist at all) — recently tweeted that the cure for mass shootings is to ban all white men.

Newsbusters reports, In response to the mass murder of 50 people this weekend by Omar Mateen, King tweeted: “We would cut mass shootings down by 75 percent if our nation banned all white men from this country. Wonder why nobody calls for that?”

Of course, such a policy would have required banning many of the victims of this weekend’s tragedy, many of the law enforcement officials who brought the tragedy to an end, and maybe even Shaun King himself, who despite his claims to being African American, is reportedly white. All this, would have failed to prevent the criminal himself, Omar Mateen (who isn’t white), from committing heinous crimes.


If King was attempting to make some sort of point about GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump calling for a ban on Muslim immigration — or his latest comments regarding suspending immigration all together from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the U.S., Europe or our allies — as”racist” he failed spectacularly.

Dylann Roof aside, the most high profile mass shooting incidents of late have been carried out at the hands of Muslims with direct ties to radical groups like ISIS.

That was the case in the San Bernardino shooting and the attack in Brussels and Paris, not to mention the Boston Marathon bombing.

All perpetrated by radical Islamists.

The problem isn’t white males. It’s radical Islam, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the current administration is at all interested in actually solving the issue.

At least not as much as they’re interested in pushing the progressive agenda anyway.

By the way, Mr. King might consider the wave of shootings that occurred in Chicago over last Memorial Day weekend, when 6 people were killed and 53 wounded. Banning white men wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference there either.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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