WOW: Look what we learned about Orlando terrorist’s FATHER…

In the case of the Orlando shooter, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

The father of Omar Mateen tried to downplay the role that religion may have played in this, stating that “this has nothing to do with religion” and that his son “got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago.” I’m pretty sure the source of those violent attitudes towards homosexuality is the Quran.

The shooter aside – he’s not the only radical in the family. The Washington Post just reported:

The father of Omar Mateen, identified by police as the man behind the carnage at an Orlando nightclub early Sunday morning, is an Afghan man who holds strong political views, including support for the Afghan Taliban.

Seddique Mateen, who has been referred to as Mir Seddique in early news reports, hosted a television show called Durand Jirga on a channel called Payam-e-Afghan, which broadcasts from California. In it, the elder Mateen speaks in the Dari language on a variety of political subjects. Dozens of videos are posted on a channel under Seddique Mateen’s name on YouTube. A phone number and post office box that are displayed on the show were traced back to the Mateen home in Florida.

In one video, Mateen expresses gratitude towards the Afghan Taliban, while denouncing the Pakistani government.

“Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in Taliban movement, and national Afghan Taliban are rising up,” he says. “Inshallah the Durand line issue will be solved soon.”

The most recent video on Mateen’s YouTube channel shows him declaring his candidacy for the Afghan presidency. The timing of the video is strange, as it came a year after presidential elections were held in Afghanistan. Mateen appears incoherent at times in the video, and he jumps abruptly for topic to topic. His use of Dari, instead of Pashto, the language of Pashtuns, was another strange element of his presentation.

Yes – liberals were so desperate to claim that this shooting had nothing to do with Islam that they’re willing to take the word of a Taliban sympathizer for it.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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