Oh boy: NEW name being floated for Hillary VP (it’s a doozy)…

Of course there’s no shortage of speculation about who presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton will choose as her running mate.

A handful of names seem to come up more often than not, notably Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren;  HUD Secretary Julian Castro — who is currently quietly waging war on the suburbs with his latest totalitarian housing plans; and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, whom Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders reportedly views as a “power-chasing chicken” after Brown threw his support behind Clinton in the primary after being Sanders’ Senate ally.

Just to name a few.

Now, here’s one you might not have heard yet, but every bit as frightening as the ones just mentioned. How about Minnesota’s Sen. Al Franken — remember him? He’s the guy whose main claim to fame before launching his political career was a stint on “Saturday Night Live” — and whose main political claim to fame is casting the deciding vote that gave us Obamacare.

Via The Hill:

Sen. Al Franken would be a “tremendous” vice presidential pick, Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said Friday.

“Al Franken is a brilliant man, he’s very smart, he has excellent progressive credentials and he’s the funniest person in Congress,” Ellison said of the former “Saturday Night Live” player.

“Why does that matter? I think it’s important to lampoon Donald Trump, make him what he is — ridiculous. Who better to do that than someone who is an expert funnyman.”

But to electrify the base, Ellision said, “you have to get somebody who has been speaking to the base and would turn the base out.”

Ellison endorsed Bernie Sanders for president in the Democratic primary.

He said he would hold off on flipping his support to Clinton until Sanders formally leaves the race.

Of course, if Hillary were to choose Franken as a running mate, it wouldn’t be the first time his political career was boosted by a felon. Franken stole won his Senate race in Minnesota by a mere 312 ballots — in an election where 1,099 felons voted. And that was just one factor of many in a mountain of “irregularities” that tipped the election in favor of Franken.

Chalk up another plus for being Hillary’s VP: well-versed in applying voter fraud to steal the election.

As an aside, consider how bad a candidate a Democrat has to be to nearly LOSE in the ultra-liberal Minnesota, save for voter fraud? Come to think of it, that’s ANOTHER thing Al and Hill have in common!

The only good news might be that if selected as Hillary’s running mate, Franken will no longer be available to cast dubious votes in the Senate — though no doubt he’ll just be quickly replaced by yet another progressive liberal from Minnesota.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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