Refugee outrage over Ramadan food at shelter turns VIOLENT…

Many of us would have much more sympathy for the refugees pouring into Europe if so many of them didn’t behave like disappointed tourists.

Crime is skyrocketing in countries bringing in refugees, especially in Germany, which has welcomed in more than a million. We’ve all heard of the increase in violent sexual attacks, and that’s hardly the only kind of violence being brought in.

Remember when we thought terrorists slipping through the cracks was the only unintended consequence we had to worry about?

As FOX reports, some migrants responded violently simply to voice dissatisfaction with their meals this Ramadan.

A pair of North African refugees who on Tuesday set a German shelter on fire reportedly did so because they were angry the special Ramadan meals there weren’t up to snuff.

According to another source, their failure to receive a wake-up call was the source of their outrage. Regardless, their response clearly wasn’t proportional to the “crime.”

Investigators told the BBC that the men — who were not fasting at the shelter in Duesseldorf — had complained their lunch portions were too small. The fire burned the facility to the ground, causing $11 million in damages.

“We had to do it so that things would change,” one of the two 26-year-old North African suspects told reporters. Police charged them with arson.

Refugees also fought over meal times. Some wanted food service only when it was dark, in accordance with Muslim law, while others wanted to eat during the day, prosecutor Ralf Herrenbrueck said. Muslims and Christians were living at the shelter. Police told Reuters many of the residents had given false names, birthdays or countries of origin when they entered the facility.

Hard to understand the logic here. Could it be these refugees are trying to make Germany the new Middle East?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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