EXPOSED: Google accused of RIGGING this for election…

Liberals have long controlled the education system, media and various other aspects of our culture. It was recently uncovered that Facebook was censoring conservative stories from appearing on its list of trending stories.

Well, apparently Facebook’s not the only one accused of censoring the internet. A few weeks ago on HBO’s hit show “Silicon Valley,” Hooli’s (a company in the show parodying Google) CEO is discovered to have been scrubbing Web searches to hide negative stories about himself.

As it turns out, the satirical show wasn’t far off from reality.

A bombshell report by SourceFed that they’re calling “the biggest story we’ve ever reported” reveals Google is manipulating search results to bury negative stories about Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Times writes:

When typing “Hillary Clinton cri,” Google’s auto-complete function brings up as its top choice “Hillary Clinton crime reform,” even though competing search engines Bing and Yahoo show the most popular search topics are “Hillary Clinton criminal charges” and “Hillary Clinton crime.”

While that could reflect legitimate differences in the engines’ algorithms, Mr. Lieberman said that a search of “Hillary Clinton crime reform” on Google trends showed that “there weren’t even enough searches of term to build a graph on the site.”

“Which begs the question, why on Earth is it the first potential result?” he said, adding, “Apparently far more people are searching for ‘Hillary Clinton crimes’ than ‘Hillary Clinton crime reform.’ Google just doesn’t want you to know or ask.”

SourceFed found a similar result when typing in, “Hillary Clinton ind,” which yielded “Hillary Clinton Indiana” and “Hillary Clinton India” on Google, but “Hillary Clinton indictment” on the other search engines.

“The intention is clear. Google is burying potential searches for terms that could have hurt Hillary Clinton in the primary elections over the past several months by manipulating recommendations on their site,” Mr. Lieberman said.

This report comes just days after Wikileaks founder Julian Assange publicly stated that Google is “directly engaged in Hillary’s campaign.”

More specifically, Breitbart reports that Assange claimed:

The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, set up a company to run the digital component of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.” Eric Schmidt did in fact create a company in the last quarter of 2015 called The Groundwork whose website is empty except for a single placeholder logo. Breitbart has previously reported on The Groundwork and how it was reportedly developed to install Clinton in the Oval Office. However, whether or not Google itself is a part of Schmidts’ involvement in The Groundwork remains unclear to the public.

Assange pointed out that many high up Google employee names appear within Clinton’s leaked email transcripts, a searchable list of which Assange has compiled here. A name that appears with regularity is that of Jared Cohen, the founder of ‘Google Ideas’ – now rebranded as ‘Jigsaw’. Cohen’s team at Google was revealed to be working with Clinton alongside Al Jazeera in attempts to influence regime change in Syria following the publishing of Clinton’s emails by Wikileaks. 

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

Author’s Note: Google (now officially called “Alphabet”) and Apple commonly trade their spots as the world’s largest company, determined by market capitalization.

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