What Obama did right after endorsing Hillary is making people FURIOUS

One of our worst fears, besides Hillary Clinton actually becoming president, is that she will get off scot free in yet another one of her scandals.

Even if the FBI recommends indictment in Clinton’s email scandal, based on its extensive, non-partisan investigation, the fear is that President Obama and Attorney General Lynch will choose not to indict for pure political reasons.

As if the president’s endorsement of Hillary for president today wasn’t enough to amplify these fears, what he’s doing right after he endorsed her certainly will.

As the Weekly Standard reports:

White House press secretary Josh Earnest insisted that President Obama’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton will not “sway” the ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton.

The statement came after Obama released a video endorsing Clinton for president of the United States.

Later this afternoon, according to the White House, Obama is meeting with the attorney general. The meeting is “closed press.” 

3:25PM THE PRESIDENT meets with Attorney General Lynch

Oval Office

Closed Press

The topic of Obama’s closed door meeting with Lynch has not been made public.

So, what could possibly be the topic of the closed-door meeting between President Obama and Attorney General Lynch, just hours after the president has made it clear whom he has chosen to succeed him?

Most. Transparent. Administration. Ever.

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