Religion of Peace: Muslim men ASSAULT waitress after she serves this…

A French waitress found herself culturally enriched yesterday when she dared commit the crime of not being Muslim in a Western country.

The Evening Standard reports that; The woman, a practicing Muslim of Tunisian origin, was working on the terrace of the Vitis Café in Nice when she was reportedly insulted by two passers-by on Wednesday. The men are said to have started to abuse her when they saw she was serving alcohol to customers, The Times reported.

How dare she serve alcohol to non-Muslims in a non-Muslim country?

She said one of the men screamed she was a “whore” and slapped her across the face, leaving her with a black eye after she was knocked to the ground.

The waitress, who did not give her name for fear of reprisals, said: “One of them said to me in Arabic: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself for serving alcohol during Ramadan — if I was God I would hang you.’” She replied: “You’re not God and you cannot judge me.”

The woman added she felt “degraded, humiliated and sullied” following the incident and noted she had previously served alcohol in Tunisia without any issue. She said: “I didn’t think that in France, the country of liberty, you could be attacked for that.”

Unlike most migrants, Muslim are the most reluctant to assimilate into Western culture. The United Kingdom for instance has 85 Sharia Courts, and there’s a campaign to turn twelve British cities into independent Islamic States. Aside from the risk of terrorism, this is another real threat Europe faces as the EU opens up the floodgates to an unprecedented level of Muslim migrants.

If Europe does nothing, as a whole it will be on track to become Sweden – now the rape capital of the West and where ethnic Swedes are swiftly becoming a minority.

[Note: This post was authroed by The Analytical Economist]

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