Uh-oh: ANOTHER GOP leader walks back Trump support

Gee, according to the mainstream media, Donald Trump seems to be almost universally reviled by everyone.

Except…barring something unforeseen between now and Cleveland, he will be the GOP nominee for president. Trump received 13,406,108 votes to date in the elections according to www.thegreenpapers.com — more than any other candidate in Republican history. In fact, he smashed the previous record by 1.4 million votes and that was with 17 other candidates in the race.

Boy, is he unpopular or what?

Well, among GOP leaders, yes he is, all stemming from his comments about the Obama-appointed judge set to preside over his Trump University case. In case you missed it (and I’m not sure how that’s possible), Trump commented that he was worried he would not get an unbiased trial from Judge Gonzalo Curiel because of his Mexican heritage. Curiel was born in Indiana.

The media erupted with charges of racism. The dynamic and well-respected Mitch McConnell said Trump should apologize for his “stupid” comments. Speaker Paul Ryan said his comments were almost a textbook example of racism. The well-loved and scintillating Lindsey Graham said Republicans should un-endorse Trump.

“If anybody was looking for an off-ramp, this is probably it,” Graham told The New York Times. “There’ll come a time when the love of country will trump hatred of Hillary.”

And now, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is walking…

Faced with mounting controversies surrounding his party’s nominee for president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is backing away from his pledge to support Donald Trump, according to Politico.

In an interview with Madison, Wisconsin’s WKOW, Walker, who dropped out of the GOP race in September 2015, lamented the general-election matchup between presumptive nominees Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

It’s just sad in America that we have such poor choices right now,” he said.

Walker, who endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in the Wisconsin primary, had previously pledged to support the Republican nominee “whoever that is,” arguing that any GOP candidate would be preferable to Clinton. On Tuesday, however, the Wisconsin governor seemed less certain of his ability to back Trump, pointing to the candidate’s accusations of bias against a Hispanic federal judge as especially troubling.

“He’s not yet the nominee. Officially that won’t happen until the middle of July, and so for me that’s kind of the timeframe,” Walker said. “In particular I want to make sure that he renounces what he says, at least in regards to this judge.”

Well here’s what I (Michele Hickford) wish Donald Trump had said about the judge in the first place. He should have said “I think this judge – appointed by Barack Obama – and the law firm bringing the case against Trump University should recuse themselves because both are affiliated with La Raza. In addition, the San Diego-based law firm paid $675,000 to the Clintons for speeches. So no, I don’t think they would provide an unbiased opinion. And by the way, it was Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor who herself admitted “Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences,” she said, for jurists who are women and nonwhite, “our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”

Trump said yesterday his comments have been misconstrued as a categorical attack on Mexicans and in a statement, “Due to what I believe are unfair and mistaken rulings in this case and the judge’s reported associations with certain professional organizations, questions were raised regarding the Obama-appointed judge’s impartiality. It is a fair question. I hope it is not the case.”

It is indeed a fair question. And here’s another one. What do our GOP “leaders” like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham think they know that 13,406,108 Americans don’t?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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