DESPERATE: Bernie supporters expand attacks and threats beyond Trump supporters

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, at least her supporters are well-behaved. It’s hard to get violent in support of a candidate that people only support because they dislike Trump more. The Bernie Bros on the other hand; not so much.

Watch violence break out against Trump supporters at one of his rallies, and you can bet it’s a Bernie supporter causing it. We saw one of the worst displays of violence against Trump supporters in San Jose, California, but it was hardly the first case. But Trump’s supporters aren’t the only ones facing the wrath of Bernie’s insane followers.

The Hill reports: The Associated Press is warning its reporters to stay vigilant after several received harassing messages from Bernie Sanders supporters.

Danny Spriggs, the AP’s vice president for global security, said some reporters have received angry emails, social media messages and phone calls after the AP declared Hillary Clinton the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Yes – they’re being threatened for…. reporting the facts.

Their call angered Sanders supporters, who — along with Sanders himself — argue that super delegates shouldn’t be included in the delegate count because they don’t officially vote until the Democratic National Convention in July. The AP defended its decision to call for race for Clinton, calling the process “painstaking but very straightforward.” “That is news, and reporting the news is what we do.”

By the way, Bernie wouldn’t be in any better standing if the Democrat primary played by the same rules as the Republicans. Here’s what the figures looked like under various possible sets of rules prior to the California primary (which obviously shifted things even further in Hillary’s favor):


To any Sanders supporters still betting on his victory (somehow), I’ll be happy to take the other end of that bet.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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