What Hillary just said about the 2nd Amendment should give every gun-owner CHILLS

As a new member of the National Rifle Association Board of Directors, I want y’all to know I’m committed to protecting the Second Amendment right of Americans. I find it simply unconscionable that there’s such a determined effort to deny this right and certainly infringe upon it. How can it be that the second right listed in our Bill of Rights is under such horrific attack? There can only be one reason: disarming the citizenry makes them subject to the will and tyranny of the ruling government. Citizens are governed, subjects are ruled…and an armed people are citizens.

So this recent exchange between ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should chill any freedom-loving American.

As reported by Fox News, “On Sunday, Hillary Clinton just couldn’t bring herself to say on ABC’s “This Week” that Americans have an individual right to own guns. But it didn’t stop her from denying Donald Trump’s claim that she wants to abolish the Second Amendment. Clinton accused Trump of making “outright fabrications, accusing me of something that is absolutely untrue.”

George Stephanopoulos pushed Clinton twice on whether people have a right to own guns on ABC News’ “This Week”: “But that’s not what I asked. I said do you believe that their conclusion that an individual’s right to bear arms is a constitutional right?” Clinton could only say: “If it is a constitutional right…”

Clinton told Stephanopoulos: “I think that for most of our history, there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice Scalia and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal government had a right, as we do with every amendment, to impose reasonable regulation.”

Stephanopoulos also asked Hillary on Sunday about her support in 1993 for a 25 percent sales tax on handguns. This is enough to add a hundred or more dollars to the price of a gun. Clinton wouldn’t say if she still supported such a tax, but she appeared to justify the proposal by talking about the costs of gun violence. Of course, she has never acknowledged the fact that guns are used to stop crimes 4 to 5 times more often than they are used to commit them.”

There is no nuance about the Second Amendment; it is very clear in its language and assertion. And when the former secretary of state says she believes that localities, states, and the federal government has a right to impose “reasonable” regulation on every amendment — that should concern every American.

I must ask, which of those amendments to the Constitution does Mrs. Clinton believe need to have “reasonable” regulation imposed? Does Mrs. Clinton believe our freedom of religion, press, speech, expression, or the right to petition our government for redress of grievances need to have regulations imposed?

Herein lies the reason the Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment — for people like Hillary Clinton who embrace a belief that our unalienable individual rights are nothing in the face of government. The words of Hillary Clinton are not just about the Second Amendment – we just got a window into the mindset of someone who clearly doesn’t respect our individual rights, period.

We shared here the actions of the Seattle City Council and its “Gun Violence Tax.” Apparently Hillary Clinton shares the same perspective that taxation should be used as a punitive measure in order to modify behavior based on an ideological agenda. In Seattle they instituted a $25 tax on all firearms sold — Clinton embraces a 25 percent sales tax on guns. As well, she has supported another very damaging punitive measure, pushing “the idea of making gun makers and sellers liable for guns which end up being used in crimes. As her rival Bernie Sanders, of all people, has explained: “If somebody has a gun and it falls into the hands of a murderer and the murderer kills somebody with a gun, do you hold the gun manufacturer responsible? Not any more than you would hold a hammer company responsible if somebody beats somebody over the head with a hammer.”

Even if Sanders exaggerates when he says that Hillary’s proposal will eliminate guns in the U.S., everyone knows that this change in rules will raise the cost of guns and put many out of business.”

Hillary Clinton and her ilk, which includes Barack Obama, believe that in punishing law-abiding citizens they’re doing some civic good. And the same applies to the gun industry and the objective to cut them off and watch them fail under the weight of governmental tyranny and rule. Such it is with Operation Choke Point, first implemented under Attorney General Eric Holder. The initiative targets certain industries and then “chokes” them off from financial support — gun dealers are one of those industries. Sure, there are others, such as the porn industry, but don’t be deceived, the main target is gun dealers.

Now, I don’t know if Hillary Clinton will get the nomination — I still believe a Joe Biden-Elizabeth Warren ticket looms possible. But regardless of whom, there’s a mentality that the individual rights of Americans are subservient to the ideological agenda of progressive socialists. That in its purest analysis is un-American — yet it’s happening. The liberal left wants control. They want subjects. They will tell every state it must marry people of the same sex because that is an accepted behavior for them. But they’ll tell you, a law-abiding legal gun owner that you mean nothing, you have no rights.

And this, along with onerous taxation, is how the Revolutionary War got started — those rascal Redcoats were going to confiscate guns. History certainly has a way of repeating itself!

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