BREAKING: New Jersey primary WINNER just announced…

While Hillary Clinton has already secured enough delegates to be declared the Democrat nominee, she still has to sweat the results of tonight’s primaries, from New Jersey to California, where rival Bernie Sanders has given her a bigger run for her money than anyone expected and shown her weakness as a candidate.

Well, it appears Hillary can breath slightly easier, racking up her first win for the night as she is now projected to win the New Jersey primary.

New Jersey has 126 delegates, divided proportionally based on the vote.

Results for more primaries are still to come tonight.

Of course, the big prize tonight is California, with 475 delegates at stake, to be divided proportionally. Recent polls have shown Sanders gaining momentum in the state, pulling neck and neck with Clinton — and forcing her to amp up her campaigning in recent days. A strong showing by Sanders in the state could not only dampen Hillary’s “history-making” parade tonight, but also give him more fodder to keep on fighting all the way to the Democrat convention.

On the GOP side, presumptive nominee Donald Trump is projected to win the New Jersey primary.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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